Best Ways to Answer Why Do You Want To Work Here?

Updated on 09/06/2023


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Have you ever walked into a job interview and been hit with the question, "Why do you want to work here?" It might seem straightforward, but crafting a compelling answer requires finesse. Your response can set the tone for the entire interview, showcasing your enthusiasm and alignment with the company's values. So, in this post, we'll explore the best strategies to tackle this interview question head-on, helping you stand out from the competition and land your dream job.

What's The Reason Employers Ask This Interview Query?

When hiring managers inquire, "Why do you want to work here?" their intention isn't to baffle or test you. Through this prevalent interview query, they strive to evaluate whether you'd seamlessly integrate with the team and the company. Furthermore, they aim to determine if your career aspirations align with the opportunities their job role presents.

Other Forms Of "Why Do You Want To Work Here?" Interview Question

Interviewers can pose this question at any moment during the hiring process. It might mark the beginning of the conversation, or it could serve as the concluding query. Moreover, the “Why do you want to work here interview question” can be asked in various forms, such as:

  • "Why do you wish to work for us?"
  • "What prompted your interest in applying for a position within this company?"
  • "What specifically intrigues you about our vacant role?"

Also, if you want to craft a compelling answer for the query why you’re best for the job role, read our guide on 10 Best Ways to Answer - Why are You the Best Person for this Job.

When crafting your response, hiring managers seek confirmation that you profoundly understand their company and its role. They want to ascertain that your application isn't a generic submission to any available position but a thoughtful consideration of their unique offerings.

How To Answer Why Do You Want To Work Here?

While crafting the "Why do you want to work here answer?" you must consider these strategies so that you can hit the right spot:

  1.  Conduct Company Research

Recruiters and hiring managers often pose this question to gauge the depth of your company's research. A genuinely interested and enthusiastic candidate not only possesses familiarity with the company but has also delved into its background, history, and mission statement. To accomplish this:

  •  Review the Company Website

Begin your exploration by thoroughly examining the company website, mainly focusing on sections like "About Us" and "Careers." These sections typically shed light on the company culture.

  •  Understand the Products and Services

Familiarise yourself with the company's products or services, its customer base, and noteworthy achievements or accolades it has garnered.

  •  Peruse the Company Blog

If the company maintains a blog, read a few articles. Take note of the company's tone, the subjects covered, and recurring themes.

  •  Explore Social Media Accounts

Analyse the content shared on the company's social media platforms, paying special attention to industry-related news, customer feedback, and comments. By investigating the company through these channels, you can formulate a well-informed response that showcases your genuine interest.

  1.  Analyse the Job Description

In addition to displaying knowledge and enthusiasm about the company, interviewers also seek to ensure your comprehension of the role you're interviewing for and its associated responsibilities. This understanding helps them grasp why you're drawn to their organisation.

To begin, identify your preferred aspects of the job. Afterward, create a second list outlining your career aspirations. Compare these lists to identify intersections where the position can aid in achieving your goals.

When responding to the inquiry, "Why do you want to work here?" emphasise the attributes outlined in the job posting that align with your career objectives. Also, emphasise duties that would allow you to leverage your strongest skills.

Also, if you want to create a professional LinkedIn account but don’t know how to add a resume, read our guide on how to add a resume to your LinkedIn.

  1.  Define Your Core Values

Aligning your personal career goals and core values with those of the company can elucidate why you're an ideal fit for the role. If you're uncertain about your core values, take a moment to contemplate these inquiries:

  • What kind of work environment do you seek?
  • Which qualities do you believe foster robust and positive relationships?
  • What attributes do you admire in your role models?
  • What serves as your source of motivation?
  • What qualities do you aspire to cultivate, both professionally and personally?
  • What qualities are crucial for accomplishing your future aspirations?

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Why Do You Want To Work Here” Best Answer Examples

Here are simple sample answers that will help you incorporate your company research findings into a response that will impress the interview panel.

Example# 1: The Excellence of the Company's Products

Over several years, I've utilised your software products and have consistently admired the innovations and unwavering commitment to aiding customers in mastering their effective use. Your products' exceptional quality renders marketing them a form of public service. Contributing to your ongoing innovation efforts and expanding your market presence would be fulfilling.

Example# 2: The Company's Respected Reputation as an Employer

This organisation enjoys a remarkable standing as an exceptional workplace. The emphasis on employee growth, learning, and innovation creates an environment where individuals remain contentedly employed beyond industry averages.

The impressive quality of your products and services reflects high employee satisfaction, leading to a harmonious interplay between stakeholders, staff, and clients. Becoming a part of this institution feels like a triple triumph, and I'm enthusiastic about the prospect.

Example# 3: The Employer's Esteemed Business Reputation

Renowned as a premier accounting firm in this state, your company boasts an impressive clientele alongside exceptional customer satisfaction rates. Your partners' prominent roles as speakers in national conferences, advocating robust security measures for safeguarding financial transactions and data, signal your role as a leader in the field.

Drawing from my background in cybersecurity, I'm eager to contribute the latest technological advancements and practical approaches to ensure the utmost security of sensitive information.

What to Avoid While Answering 'Why Do You Want to Work Here?'"

Although you're likely aware of certain conversational boundaries during a job interview, it's worth reiterating them to ensure clarity. Hence, refrain from mentioning the following reasons when discussing your interest in a specific job:

  • Expressing an attraction solely for a high salary
  • Emphasising an interest predominantly in benefits and perks
  • This implies that you're settling because other job opportunities were unavailable
  • Conveying an unconditional desire to work remotely, irrespective of the role
  • Conveying an aura of desperation to secure employment anywhere


And there you have it - a well-crafted response to the ever-important question, "Why do you want to work here?" We hope these answers will help you craft your inner expertise while generating an honest and appealing response. Also, practising your response before the actual interview will prepare you well for the interview. But remember, the aim isn't to memorise and robotically recite your answer. Moreover, by tactfully integrating these strategies, your response to "Why do you want to work here?" will authentically reflect your interest and help you win the job opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Answer "Why Did You Choose This Job?"

Focus on specific job aspects that appeal to you, show knowledge of the company's values, and explain alignment with your skills, career goals, and personal interests.

What If My Primary Motivation Is That I’m Out Of Work?

Avoid mentioning unemployment. Instead, highlight the company's positive aspects, its role, and how it matches your skills and career goals. Express excitement for learning and growth opportunities.

How To Answer "Why Do You Want To Work Here?" Without Experience?

To answer this question, express eagerness to learn and grow within the company. Discuss the company's mission, culture, and values aligning with your interests. Mention transferable skills, personal qualities and long-term career ambitions.

What’s The Best Answer To “What Can You Bring To The Company?”

Highlight unique skills and experiences benefiting the company. Emphasise enthusiasm for the role, commitment to learning and contributing to team success. Share examples showcasing your value in the new role.

What’s The Worst Mistake When Answering "Why Do You Want To Work Here?"

Avoid being generic or unprepared. Don't focus solely on salary or personal benefits. Research the company and role and provide a personalised answer showing interest in values, mission, and passion.

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