17 Positive character traits for the workplace

Updated on 11/10/2022


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Owning positive tendencies or traits can make it simpler to get a process. There are precise characteristics that employers search for in task applicants and employees. The administrative center surroundings are complicated.

 Even people with information, expertise and skills generally tend to warfare in these surroundings. Being assured or decided is also insufficient to make you triumphant without having a dozen other positive individual developments for the place of work. 

Understanding those characteristics and how to obtain them can make you a higher candidate for brand-new opportunities and promotions. This article lists 17 character traits employers search for and why they may be valuable.
Let's dive in.

17 Positive and valuable  character traits for the workplace

  • Integrity

  • Motivation 
  • Flexible
  • Team-oriented
  • Strong-minded
  • Ready to learn more
  • Constancy
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Communicative
  • Self-determining
  • Be Responsible
  • Goal-oriented
  • Be Confident
  • Adaptability 
  • Creativity
  • Cooperative
  • Efficient

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Sincerity is one of the highest-valued developments in the place of work. To have Sincerity is to have sturdy morals or moral principles. Having Sincerity calls for you to be honest, behave honorably, and deal with others respectfully.  
Personnel who own  Sincerity assist in selling a professional culture and preserve effective popularity for themselves and the organization. While a hassle takes place, humans can depend upon you. While you say you will do something, you observe through your dedication.
 You're open and honest when someone asks for your help or recommendation. Those with integrity are liable for movements and may admit to their shortcomings.


Motivation is one of the extra challenging traits to showcase on-screen. But your motivation and commitment to your paintings can encounter your enthusiasm at team meetings and initiative to steer, no longer to say, in a single-on-one discussion with coworkers where your infectious energy can be handed. 
An encouraged employee is aware of the larger photograph, focusing not just on their achievement but as a substitute for the goals of the whole employer. 
So many of us have misplaced motivation at some stage in the pandemic, so at the same time as showcasing this trait can be a bit harder, it will assist you to stand proud of your peers in a manner that dependability may not.


Employers enjoy flexibility if you're open to running on obligations from a couple of positions or switching your hours when needed. You have more to offer to organizations and control because you are willing to work outside your activity description. 
Flexible employees paint more successfully with customers and clients, as well. A shop clerk might alternate their technique with a demanding purchaser. An aid representative should exchange their tone and spend extra time speaking with a dissatisfied client.
 Flexibility enables companies in many ways, which is why employers cost it relatively.


Running as a group is a trait employers feel reasonable because teamwork capabilities are crucial to achieving a commercial enterprise. Even positions that require personnel to paint on their own most of the time will want as a way to work as a team in some unspecified future. 
While some positions require you to paint yourself, having a team-orientated mindset also suggests that you are operating for a better cause and price the collective efforts of others inside the business enterprise.
Team-oriented employees also are excellent prospects for control and leadership positions. Managers and leaders require a group effort from their coworkers and have to be capable of working collectively as a unit to maintain progress.


A strong-minded person goes past valuing his role sufficiently to work difficult. Determined humans do anything it takes to get the process achieved. Dedication way you've got a cause for what you do and have goals and visions for a course you get your paintings accomplished and the way you want to develop within a company.
 Employers look for decided human beings because they have a forward-questioning attitude and do what's important even in hard times.

Ready to learn more

Eagerness to study extra is a treasured trait as it shows that you attempt excellence and want to move upward within a corporation. Even as a few employees do what is required to earn a paycheck, keen personnel are searching to analyze new skills and preserve their understanding of unique positions. 
Eager personnel is easier to train and can reach leadership and control positions more quickly than others. What employers enjoy maximum about keen personnel is their receptiveness to new records and power to pay attention and study.


Constancy is an especially-valued trait that employers look for as it enables organizations to preserve personnel around longer. There are lots of different paintings and efforts that must be installed while seeking and hiring new personnel. 
Companies with high employee turnover spend incredible money and time hiring and schooling new employees, which is why unswerving possibilities are valued higher than others.

Problem-solving skills

Employers cost trouble solvers because of their ability to decide and analyze a problem while quickly creating an adequate answer. A worker who can solve troubles daily means less time than a manager who wishes to step in to discover a solution. 
Employers trust individuals who resolve issues correctly, and their reviews are valued because of successful problem-solving music information.


Employers look for candidates and employees who've strong communication competencies. Being capable of speaking your ideas and actively concentrating on others lets you create more extraordinary paintings executed quickly and successfully.
 Speaking and concentrating correctly can allow you to use your communication capabilities in character, on the phone, or in writing. You are outstanding at giving and receiving comments; communicative human beings can clear up problems and conflicts without issues.


Being determined goes past valuing your position sufficient to work hard. Determining human beings do anything it takes to get the task achieved. Dedication way you've got a motive for what you do and have dreams and visions for how you get your paintings executed and how you need to progress within an enterprise.
 Employers look for determined people because they have an ahead-thinking mindset and do what is necessary even in challenging times.

Be Responsible

Responsibility is vital to hit employees, and hiring managers and recruiters strive to hire honest humans. As an accountable worker, you show up to paintings on time, whole your duties as instructed, and speak with control while issues arise. 
While problems arise at some stage in a mission you initiated, you are taking an entire obligation and might talk about your mistakes. You can admit to errors when they occur and take complete ownership of the tasks and duties which you are given.


Most individuals have goals, but being goal-oriented implies concentrating on the concrete actions necessary to realize your objectives. Because they strive for more, whether in more prestigious positions or responsibilities, people with goals are valued by many businesses.
 Having goal-focused employees enables a company's employees to share their aspirations and work together to realize them because every organization has its own set of objectives and overarching business vision. 

Be Confident

You must have faith in your skills and expertise to be confident. Confident people are aware of their abilities and how much they can accomplish with them. By exuding confidence in yourself and your abilities, you may inspire confidence in others.
Understanding oneself, including your talents and limitations, is a prerequisite for having self-confidence. Constructive self-talk can boost employee self-esteem and foster a more positive work environment.


Your capacity to adjust to change is a quality similar to flexibility. While adaptability focuses more on long-term changes that could significantly impact the workplace, flexibility tends to be more concerned with short-term adjustments and organizational needs. 
In organizations that undergo continuous change, adaptability is a crucial quality. You can rapidly adjust to any change, whether it involves the elimination of employment or a business making significant changes to its mission.


A multitude of vocations can benefit from creativity. Additionally, it is one of the essential skills for any design or marketing-related position. By thinking creatively, you can explore novel solutions to existing challenges.
Creativity is a challenging character characteristic to cultivate, in contrast to some of the other qualities of the profession. However, you might attempt to increase your creativity by engaging in creative pursuits like woodworking, painting, or sculpture.


Cooperation exhibits the capacity to compromise, reach a consensus during decision-making, share responsibility for collaborative work, and recognize the ideas and contributions of individual team members while maintaining a solid sense of self.
When representatives devote additional opportunities to their obligations in a helpful work environment, they are more valuable, and things finish rapidly and proficiently.


In actuality, workers who will examine, challenge, and change their organization cycles to make them more productive are ensured to go the distance. 
Regardless of whether your imagination broadens that far, you can underline your effectiveness by finishing jobs quickly, with time to audit and alter if necessary. This shows your self-course notwithstanding would-be misfortunes.

Frequently asked questions

What are examples of positive character traits? 

Positive character traits include courage, trustworthiness, honesty, reliability, punctuality, responsibility, accountability, diligence, perseverance, self-management skills, and self-control.

What are the best positive character traits to describe someone?

To describe someone, the best positive traits are integrity, motivation, flexibility,  team-oriented, strong-minded, constancy, problem-solving skills, strong communication, self-determining, goal-oriented, confidence, cooperation, and efficiency as a perfect person for work. 

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