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We are a full-service staffing service provider and we do way more than just fill positions for you. Yulys has been connecting top talent with businesses around the World for more than 5 years. We help Businesses manage their staffing, recruiting, and payroll services. If you’re looking to hire or just thinking about it and want to look at what we have to offer, just give us a call at (404) 438-2545 . We will show you the benefits of connecting with a full-service Staffing Agency.

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The tenured recruiters at our professional staffing agency are experts at finding qualified, dedicated resources for your business. You’ll see the same faces and talk to the same people every time you interact with us, creating a personal experience for you. Our goal is to get to know your business so well that we can anticipate your needs and make your hiring process much easier.

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  • A service-focused, friendly approach to everything we do.
  • We streamline the hiring process for our partner employers and recruiters.
  • We present the most suitable employment chances available.
  • Yulys connects qualified talent to companies that value their employees.
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