Data Deletion

Congratulations! You've found a good job or you want to take a break from hiring talent and no longer need a Yulys account. Here's how to permanently delete your account.

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01: Sign In

The first step to deleting your Yulys account is to log into your account from the Yulys homepage. From there, click on the person icon in the upper right corner for the drop-down menu of choices and select “Edit Profile”.

02: Click on Edit Profile

After you have clicked on the Edit Profile option, you will be taken to the Profile section in your Account Dashboard. The next view that loads will give you options to manage your Account settings like Name, Email, Company Name (Employer account only), and Account Deletion option.

03: Click on Delete Account

Once you have clicked on the “Delete Account” button, a pop-up will appear asking for confirmation.

04: Confirm Your Decision

Choose the option “Yes, Delete My Account” from the pop-up and reconfirm your password. Your Yulys account will be permanently deleted.

-Yulys does not keep any data associated with your account either Jobs Seeker or Employer.

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