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Yulys helps you discover more valued candidates to improve your hiring Return on Investment. The top industry leaders are transforming the way they find top talent with Yulys Staffing.

Our robust matching technology evaluates millions of data points and finds the best matches for your unique requirements. Then, we invite top talents to apply to your jobs rather than waiting for them to search for you. The result? Quality hires and improved hiring Return on Investment. Learn more about our staffing Services.

Our Platform provides employers with weekly access to over one million job seekers across the most competitive Businesses and Companies. Learn More

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Yulys is a job search platform dedicated to helping businesses, companies and enterprises hire talented employees across the globe. It’s no wonder that Yulys is going to be the #1 rated job search platform in the U.S.A and around the World.

We can help you level up your recruiting efforts and reach great candidates for your requirements with the help of our well-trained and skilled experts. At Yulys, our experts match your jobs with top talents by inviting them to apply. Our goal here is to help you devote less time to drafting and hiring while still getting candidates with the right skills and mindset, open to new positions, learning, and ready to incorporate new ideas and technologies.

Instead of spending hours finding candidates, we provide all the necessary resources you need to acquire top talents. That means spending less time finding employees and more time building relationships with employees, aligning with business partners, and focusing on strategies.

It does not matter which ATS (applicant tracking system) you use, we can provide you with the best candidates through one of our active integrations or customized service. Our objective is to provide you with a seamless hiring experience.

We offer a full suite of services including Sponsored Reach, Featured Employer, Staffing, Managed Staffing Resume Database, and Yulys Quick Apply.

First, we communicate with you to know your specific hiring goals, strategies, and budgets. Thereafter, we specially make your campaign based on the number of job vacancies you have, the type of employees your company/business needs, your business location, and your type. Pricing can be tailored on a monthly subscription or pay-per-performance depending on your hiring goals. Want to learn more? Contact us to get started.

Before the enrolling process begins, our team experts do a market exploration to help you develop a successful hiring strategy. Whatever your unique recruiting goals may be, our dedicated professionals will work with you to develop simple methods to track your progress while ensuring that your target goal is met.

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