How to Respond to Negative Feedback Professionally

Updated on 10/18/2022


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Feedback is a crucial factor of performance and north megastar regarding management effectiveness. Poor feedback can be extremely precious because it allows you to compose your overall performance and make calculated changes that could result in fantastic remarks or positive critiques.

But, if a dissatisfied purchaser takes it to the internet, everyone on FB, Google My enterprise, or Yelp can see the one-famous person's score, and they are terrible to enjoy with your enterprise. That mustn't damage your branding on the web. An awful assessment can become an outstanding opportunity to expose your care to consumer pride.

Receiving feedback may be uncomfortable, specifically if it's far worse. Negative feedback can be tough to grip and, when sick delivered, obstructive. Here's an excellent manner to respond to negative remarks.

Let's dive in!

Ten tips for responding to negative feedback professionally!

  1. Don't rush to react
  2. Don't take it personally
  3. Be appreciative
  4. Be genuine
  5. Summarize the feedback
  6. Address the Customer by Name
  7. Take action
  8. Seek additional feedback
  9. Empathize with the feedback giver
  10. State You're Solving the Problem

1. Don't rush to react

The most crucial part of addressing negative feedback is actively listening before engaging in conversation. Formerly you can participate in a lively discussion, but you have to step back and ensure you're taking the time to understand what's being said fully. 
Understanding someone else's perspective can be challenging, particularly if you don't correspond with what they're saying. Taking the time to discover the better picture helps you better understand the situation so you can see the response through the appropriate lens.

It can be complicated to stipulate someone with negative feedback, so patience and empathy must be patient while waiting until they have ended up voicing their apprehensions. Before you reply to undesirable feedback, you must listen enthusiastically and participate attentively in the conversation.

2. Don't take it personally

It is hard to handle negative feedback, but you should always avoid taking it personally. It is the most helpful advice to deal with such types of things. When you collect negative feedback, please don't take it as a disaster. 

Try to understand the feedback's intentions and try to handle it professionally. Negative feedback will not define you as a weak manager or ruin your corporation. If the diction is a little vicious, consider the feedback as the actual effort from the public who care for their firm.

So, it would be greatest if you tried to connect with the person ad appreciate his feedback. Furthermore, offer their support to improve efficiency, performance, and the workplace atmosphere.

3. Be appreciative

This step can be challenging for some, mainly if you've just acquired nasty remarks; however, it's imperative to have an excellent effect and say thank you. Once you've actively listened, please make an effort to appease the person at the attention and thank them for sharing their mind. 

Be assured and actual for your technique. Let them recognize that you admire them for taking the time to offer you concrete information, even supposing it wasn't favorable feedback. It would help if you said thank you for reviewing your performance. 

4. Be genuine

If a person has taken the time to fulfill with you and cope with their issues or if a client has gone through feedback or an awful assessment that negatively affects the commercial enterprise owner or nearby business, you must respond to these negative evaluations with a sincere apology.

 When you're taking duty and providing an honest apology, you could convert the person posting nasty comments into a devoted client or logo recommend that may be inclined to post a favorable evaluation or offer acceptable words in the destiny. 

In case you're, in my view, receiving nasty comments from your manager, it's equally as essential to make an apology if you feel as though you're at fault. Taking duty in your moves demonstrates consideration and creates an experience of dependability.



5. Summarize the feedback

Summarizing feedback is a significant step and a practical skill. A perfect summary will ensure that both parties are on the same web page. 

Summarizing the comments you've obtained will make the verbal exchange more extraordinary while ensuring highlights and movement items are diagnosed and geared up to leverage when it's time to take action. 

Use this time to find the data and hammer out the nitty-gritty information so that you have what you want when upgrading.

6. Address the Customer by Name

Until you're going for anonymized surveys, the individual's call is stated within the overview, so it wouldn't take much effort to find it out. By uttering their name and relating to their remarks, you display that it's not an automated scripted reaction and that they're speaking to a person who will care about their problem.

May you solve issues with your commercial enterprise may be solved in any respect. The reviewer can be extra cooperative if you start the conversation friendly. This eating place proprietor did it in the wrong manner.

7. Take action

You have to take action from this perspective to make a positive remark. Cognizance is vain without motion, and you have the energy to show any negative feedback you receive into gaining knowledge of carnival that may later be translated to fantastic feedback.

Creating a plan that addresses the feedback you want to paint is a unique way to stay in the right direction and remain responsible. If you can not approach your coworker or supervisor for steering, consider running with a career instruct or searching for a mentor within your network.

If you take responsibility and are willing to be successful, try to take action for your growth to make a positive impact and consider it your priority. 

By responding to poor feedback, you may make an acceptable impact on your emblem recognition, get to recognize your clients better, increase their engagement and devotion, and even raise economic effects.

8. Seek additional feedback

When you've summarized your feedback and begun to take action, you can verbalize a unique way to help you proactively pursue additional comments. 

In case you're working towards resolving a more extensive difficulty that is a lengthy-time period of work-in-development, you can need to invite further questions or e-book an observe-up meeting with the primary stakeholders to speak about subsequent steps. 

Operating on the areas of the situation that a person has diagnosed while supplying you with poor remarks and circling again with them to see how it's going from their angle is a unique way to build belief and rapport.

How you respond to terrible feedback or evaluations says loads approximately you, and demonstrating perseverance is an excellent way to turn your negative feedback into good remarks.

9. Empathize with the feedback giver

Getting awful comments is hard-hitting but being on the substitute quit of the field and delivering bad feedback is alike as rigid. No individual desires to be the carrier of awful information, and informing damaging comments can be highly uncomfortable to both events, including the enterprise proprietor. 

It is crucial to empathize with the individual offering you lousy feedback and information that they're in a role that will help you and now not avoid you. It's essential to remember the fact that the benefits of receiving remarks a long way outweigh the awful feedback. 

While familiarized effectively, receiving comments will let you meet or surpass your supervisor's expectations for you. Acting on words may help you enhance your profession, improve your abilities, upload gear for your toolbelt, and reinforce working relations within your association.

10. State You're Solving the Problem

In many others, there has been a disturbance along with your business. Your client support representative., It was impolite, delivery took longer than expected, or the product broke. The customer created an evaluation rather than speaking to aid. Point out to the reviewer to solve the problem, and the effect of a bad review will be minimized.

If that's the situation, you have to service the commentator. However, taking the problem for your customer service group doesn't cut it. The assessment is on show now, and you need to position your reaction on display as nicely.

From the attitude of someone who needs to shop from you, locating your response to a random assessment offering help is a great sign. A capability patron learns you care about your users and might kind of matter out if something goes wrong.

Common Questions about responding to Negative Feedback


What do you say when you get negative feedback? 

Thank you for your review. I am sorry to hear you had an irritating experience with us. However, I respect you bringing this difficulty to my interest." "thank you for bringing this to our interest. 

How do you respond to negative feedback via email?

To respond to negative feedback via email, I address the customer by name, apologize to the commentator and ask to solve their problem. I often said to change the review politely and appreciate their review. 


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