How to Accept A Job Offer - 5 Proven Examples and Tips

Updated on 01/06/2023


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How to accept a job offer and negotiate? It’s a challenging task and if you do not deal with it accordingly, you might end up with no job. Let’s dig into it how we can do it in the right way.

In the process of offering you a job opportunity, there are a few things that your employer will likely take into consideration. The process of how to accept a job offer is the most handling process to really make a good impression on your company. Typically, they will offer you an informal job offer verbally or sometimes via the recruiter. Once you have shown your interest and accepted the terms, the employer will send you an official letter in written form. Alsokeep in mind that the process of the job offer and communication style depends on the company. Showcase yourself to the hiring manager why you are the best person for this job position.

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  There are the following tips on how to accept a job offer:

Express Your Appreciation for the Job Offer

First of all, thank the person who made the offer and say how happy and excited you are before you do anything else, whether you're communicating in person, on the phone, or via email.

Whether you are going to come back with a negotiation or want to accept the offer without changes, starting this off this way is good for the conversation.

Keep up the passion as you move forward. Instead of directly saying that you are accepting the offer, just use words like "excited" and "thrilled" they will get the point across.

How to accept a job offer: whether it is verbal or written acceptance?

So, you have decided to accept the job? Congratulations! But before you celebrate it or announce it among your friends, there is one more step you should take which is writing your job acceptance letter or email. Many applicants ask if “I have just said yes to the hiring manager who hires candidates on the phone. Do I still need to write a job acceptance letter or email?” The answer is an absolute yes.

Even if you have verbally replied in the affirmative, it is good to follow up with a written job acceptance email or letter. Not only is it the professional way, but it also authorizes you to make sure there are no misunderstandings about the terms and conditions of the employment.

What to look for in a job offer?

Preceding the official offer, you may take part in a brief little dance, where your potential employer says something like, “Suppose we want to offer you a position or opportunity. What would we have to offer for you to accept that offer or position?” Once you’ve negotiated the terms and policies with your hiring manager, it’s time to seal the deal.

Here’s a tip: One of the tips for how to accept a job offer is that you should negotiate your salary and benefits before you’ve accepted the position. If you’ve had a strong interview (or a series of them) and you’re anticipating being offered a position, it makes sense to prepare to address these things in advance. Knowing what you want is half the battle.


Except in the most informal cases, your future employer should then extend an offer to you in written form. The offer should include:

· Your salary

· Your benefits package

· Your start date

How to respond to a job offer?   

When you get a job offer, you might say “Yes!” right then. After all, wasn’t that your goal of you to get hired for the job? But, to make a sensible choice, it is important to respond to a job offer wisely. Here are a few tips on how to do so:

a) Ask for more time: Once you’ve received the job offer, you don’t have to rush yourself to accept it immediately. If you need some time to take the decision, it is okay to ask for it. You do not have to be stuck with an offer that doesn’t satisfy you. So, express your gratitude towards the employer and ask for some time so you can make some decisions and respond accordingly.

Typically, you can ask for time to review the job offer. You could say, “I appreciate the offer, but I would like to take some time to consider it. Can I get back to you by Thursday or Friday?”.  Before making a counteroffer, research the proposed terms and policies in your buying time.

b) Evaluate the job offer: Use your time accordingly to evaluate whether the job offer matches your needs and expectations. Make sure you are happy with the proposed terms being offered and are getting paid what you’re worth. While evaluating the offer, we suggest considering it comprehensively. Thus, besides salary, do also consider the benefits, pension plans, company culture, work hours, health insurance and growth prospects, etc. If you are not happy with some employment terms and policies, you could consider negotiating them with your employer. This is the best tip for how to accept a job offer so far.     

c) Prepare to negotiate: How to negotiate a job offer is typically common in the process of responding to the hiring manager. If the offered compensation doesn’t meet your expectations, discuss it with your hiring manager accordingly. You could say, “I have just reviewed the offer and want to discuss some details. Let me know when you have a suitable time to discuss it.” Before entering into the negotiation process, do your homework. Research the market rate that is being paid to the role, and negotiate it with your hiring manager if they are offering less. If you’re struggling with that issue, our salary negotiation solution may help.

How to structure a job offer email or acceptance letter

Job offer acceptance letter should be well-structured, error-free, and contain the following details: 

Express your thanks 

Start your job offer acceptance letter by giving gratitude and thanks to your new employer for offering you the position. Mention the job title and the name of the organization. 

Officially accept the job offer

Next, mention that you are delighted to accept the offer. You may like to mention that you are looking forward to starting the job offer. 

For example, “I am happy to announce that I officially accept your offer of employment. I look forward to joining your team.” 

After starting your job position at the workplace, that’s how you can celebrate events with your colleagues.

Clarify the salary and benefits

Then clarify the benefits you would get from the company and salary details when accepting the offer. 

For example, “As discussed, my starting salary is [$XXX], with [an annual or monthly performance-based bonus, membership plan, training, and hybrid working schedule] as a part of the offer.”



After reading these tips, you will be able to respond to how to accept the job offer professionally. After you finalize the deal, start working on yourself to get ready for the new job position. Good luck with your new journey.

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Questions related to Accepting a Job Offer the Right Way

How do you respond to an email to accept a job offer?

While accepting a job offer email, you should respond professionally, you have to be thankful for the hiring employee in a great full way. 

How do you send an acceptance email?

Here is what an acceptance email for how to accept a job offer email looks like:                                                      

Hello James,

Thank you again for sharing the details of the job offer with me. After reviewing the conditions and terms, I am excited to accept the position of Environmental Consultant. I am grateful for this opportunity and cannot wait to join the team on board on the starting date of 1st January!

Please let me know about the next steps and if there is anything I have to do or sign before onboarding.


 Williams Jade

This is an example of a job acceptance email for one who does not know how to write it.

How do you write an acceptance letter for a job?

This example shows a letter of acceptance on how to accept a job offer:

Williams Jade


(232) 444-0101

Moncton, NB

September 25, 2021



(232) 666-9898 

Moncton, NB 

Dear James,

Thank you for considering me for the senior sales executive at MacLean. I am grateful to accept the job offer for the senior sales executive position starting on Monday, November 1, 2021.

As discussed, I accept the starting salary of $40,000 per year with 30 days of annual leave. I also accept the membership of the gym and internet services provided by the company.

I am looking forward to joining your company soon and meeting my colleagues. If you need any supporting documents before the starting date, please let me know.

Thank you for this great job opportunity.


Williams Jade

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