11 Christmas Celebration Ideas at Your Office

Updated on 12/01/2022


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Get in the cheery spirit to celebrate Christmas this year at your office with your employees using these amazing Office Christmas celebration ideas.

Celebrating Christmas at work is always exciting because it is that time of the year when people enjoy themselves with their loved ones with different ideas of enjoying. And it is also a great opportunity to enjoy yourself with your employees and start your New Year goals together. Office Christmas celebration ideas are activities and games to do at annual holiday parties. For example, murder mysteries, playing games, and story-time. The main purpose of these activities is to entertain invited people and spread joy. These Christmas activities are also called “Corporate Christmas parties’’. Let's dig together into how we can enjoy the Christmas celebration at work!

Here are Christmas celebration ideas at work for you.

  1. Christmas Tree Decoration Competition 

The Christmas tree decoration competition is one of the best ideas of Christmas celebration ideas at work because it's exciting to try it with your colleagues during an office party. Bring different small Christmas trees and divide people into groups. Give a tree to each group and ask them to come up with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree within 20 to 25 minutes. After that, ask each group to explain their decoration criteria and choose the winner with the best tree decoration.

  1. Photo Booth

Create a DIY photo booth for your office Christmas celebration ideas as it's inexpensive and brings a lot of joy. Collect some jingle bells, garlands, Santa hats, elf ears, or other Christmas things and place them around the booth. Anyone coming for a photo can just wear them and click a wonderful Christmas office party photo and put these photos in the office gallery for memories. Just make the background wintery by adding fake snow, garland, and fairy lights so clicked photos come out as catchy ones.

  1. Pyjama Party

Pyjama parties can make Christmas Eve celebration ideas look more enjoyable because of their homily environment. Opening Christmas presents in a pair of comfy pajamas is what everyone desires, so why not arrange a pajama party in your office? You can ask your colleagues to come in the crazy or fuzzy pajamas they own and make the office party comfier. Serving coffee with cookies to them can make the environment more enjoyable. 

  1. Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

Christmas sweaters have somehow become a Christmas holiday celebration, so why not add some holiday cheer? This will surely be the number one for Christmas celebration ideas in the office. Just come to work wearing your ugliest Christmas sweater.

An Ugly Christmas Sweater Day at work will not only help your colleagues feel excited about the Christmas celebration, but it is also a great way to create an environment of laughter and joy. You can also make it look like a competition and pick the ugliest sweater!

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  1. Play Secret Santa

Is it even Christmas fun at work if you don’t play Secret Santa? The truth is that it just won’t feel like Christmas without playing secret Santa! Besides, Secret Santa is a great way to get all your colleagues across different groups together, while also making sure that everyone is getting involved in the activity and enjoying it. Design naming cards for every person and let everyone choose one card. The card they would choose is who they should be Secret Santa for. If you have many colleagues in different groups, you can even use online tools to organize the Secret Santa at the office. The online Santa thing is one of the best virtual Christmas celebration ideas for the office.

Playing Secret Santa is the most encouraging idea of Christmas celebration ideas at work because it increases the interaction among colleagues and they get to know each other more.

Here are ideas:

  • Christmas-themed treats and toys

  • Pet costume contest

  • Pictures on Santa’s lap
  1. Red and Green Carpet   

A red and green carpet is one of the best Christmas celebration decoration ideas, it not only makes decoration interesting, but this is the most different and unique idea of a red carpet for Christmas celebration ideas at work. Have you ever thought about how it would feel to walk the red carpet? Well, this could be a great theme for the New year’s office party. Ask your friends and other employees to dress up in the most decorated and fancy clothes, but make them Christmassy! Set a color code (i.e. green and red). Since red carpets usually appear at award ceremonies, this can be the best way to celebrate your team's achievements of the year.

  1. Christmas Karaoke

Arrange a Christmas karaoke for your loved ones who wait all year for their favorite holiday tunes. Find out the karaoke versions of popular Christmas songs and set two mics just in case a duet is in store.

  1. Christmas Cookie Decorating

Grab your friends and family for a cookie decorating table with plenty of chocolates, icing, sprinkles, and edible Christmas toppings. This is a way more fun and creative way to keep your fellows more entertained, especially for Christmas parties. You can arrange a variety of toppings and festive icings to offer your friends and fellows a wide selection of decorating options and Christmas cookie ideas.

  1. Charity Event at the office

Set up a special charity event for your team in the last at-work Christmas party. There are plenty of wonderful charities to work with and also there are huge events to participate in, so it will be the best way to find the right fit for you.

Before the Christmas holidays, you can have your volunteers produce gift wraps out of waste. You can just sell out these recovered gift wraps and arrange money for your organization. 

And the other way is that if you have a celebration event close to the holiday season, your event attendees can design some gift wraps for you, in exchange for a free dinner. 

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  1. Alternative Christmas Celebration Ideas

There are the following Alternative Christmas celebration ideas at work:

  • Online Secret Santa: Send secret presents via post to your colleagues and friends

  • Virtual Cheese evening – Many delivery services can deliver a basket right to your colleague's houses. This will not only you be keeping the Christmas excitement high, but you’ll also help your local restaurants and bars;
  • Arrange Zoom Karaoke – Arrange a zoom meeting for online Karaoke with your friends and colleagues.
  • Use of Virtual Drinks – use work video conferencing to enjoy a festive drink and a chat with friends and employees;
  • Conference Calls while wearing Fancy Dresses – Christmas jumpers or best Christmas caps
  1. Virtual Christmas celebration ideas for office

  • Name the Christmas tune

  • Invite online carolers

  • Host an online charity activity
  • Organize a Santa Clause
  • Provide the gifts, food, and supplies
  • Arrange an online White Elephant and enjoy it
  • Host a holiday trivia showdown

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Common Questions Related to Christmas Celebration     

What is the Christmas celebration in the office?

Office Christmas gatherings are holiday gatherings arranged by an employer. These gatherings take place at the office, or sometimes at a rented place such as a restaurant or a fancy café. The main purpose of the gatherings is to enjoy Christmas by arranging different activities of enjoying. These gatherings are also an opportunity for employers to get to know each other and relax before a new year begins. Employers should plan great Christmas eve celebration ideas for better execution of Christmas functions.

How do you plan a Christmas party at work?

Start planning as soon as you can according to your appropriate budget. Choose an appropriate date that suits every employee at the office or you can get opinions from your colleagues about the date decision. Find a fancy place for a venue and book it earlier so you do not face hustle at the last moments. Plan a proper theme for the Christian eve celebration and also decide on activities to go with your party theme. In the last Choose the caterer, plus food & drink options.

When the day arrives, give yourself a couple of hours to set up and decorate. Then, invite guests in, and have fun! Remember to take plenty of pictures!

What are some good office Christmas party ideas?

Some good Christmas celebration ideas at work include an ugly sweater station, gourmet hot cocoa bars, white elephant exchanges, games, and Christmas decorations. There are many other special activities to do that can make your holiday gathering exciting.

Last Thoughts      

After reading this article, I hope you will find the best possible ways to find out how to celebrate Christmas Eve at the workplace.

I assure by following these strategies you can expertly plan your Christmas Eve celebration. Lastly, thank you for taking the time to read and we hope this article was helpful for you.

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