11 Creative Thanksgiving Celebration Ideas at Workplace

Updated on 11/16/2022


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When you think of Thanksgiving, what comes to mind?

 Personally, we envision a massive food spread.

The chance to talk with your loved ones naturally comes along with that feast.   

What topics do you discuss at the dinner table? The question, "What are you most thankful for this year?" is frequently repeated by many, or "What would you be if you were a side dish for Thanksgiving?". As well as "Who do you want to give thanks to this year?                                       

We are considering expressing that sense of gratitude to the other group with which you spend the most time - your coworkers!

Here are eleven amazing thanksgiving celebration ideas at work:

  1. Organize a recipe swap

  One of the ideas to celebrate thanksgiving includes that you make sure that you report back after asking your coworkers to share their all-time favorite recipes!

You could even hold a digital "Works giving" Where you all cook each other's food to take this recipe exchange to the next level. Share your fondest Thanksgiving memories as well as your Favorite recipes! It would be interesting to vote on one outstanding recipe to prepare and eat electronically.

Every Halloween, the Employee Experience team at Toast sponsors a corporate-wide pumpkin carving competition and awards to encourage participation. Perhaps you should enter a contest to carve a turkey!


  1. Competition for who made the best hand turkey

Show off your artistic prowess by drawing the best hand turkey! Vote for the person with the funniest or most touching drawing, and remember to write down what you are grateful for on each finger.


  1. Describe your ancestry

Even though the Thanksgiving tale taught in primary school is mostly made up, the values of abundance, community, and gratitude remain. Have your company's founders and long-standing personnel retell the history of your company's founding and other memorable events to take a trip down memory lane. It is one of the most desirable thanksgiving celebrations at the office idea. Time to use your imagination


  1. Together, watch something

After a substantial lunch, it's customary for many families to relax by hanging out, watching TV or a movie, or both. This custom is simple to modify so that you can socialize with your coworkers as well! When watching something with others. Don't forget the popcorn!

Here are some fantastic possibilities with a Thanksgiving theme:

  • Soul Food. D Slam

  •  Knives Out

  • Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow

  • An error occurred

  • Miracle on 34th Street

  • A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

  • Little Women

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  1. Make a craft for Thanksgiving together

Thanksgiving projects aren't just for our young team. An excellent strategy to strengthen relationships with your team is to engage in creative endeavors together. Here are a few suggestions to get you going. provide the required supplies for on-site crafting or provide staff with a supply budget so they may DIY. Make table centerpieces out of flowers, pumpkins, succulents, and other materials. To decorate the walkway, gather the supplies for making autumnal paper lanterns. This has been a very popular Thanksgiving celebration idea for work.

Decorate thankfulness jars to extend the season of giving thanks while you celebrate thanksgiving at your workplace!



  1. Attend a cooking class with a Thanksgiving theme

Teams that work well together tend to stick together. To learn how to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving dish, enroll in a culinary class, either in person or online. We're talking stuffed turkey, scalloped potatoes, and green bean casserole, though the latter would require a lengthy culinary lesson.


  1. Host a pie exchange

Have you heard of pie swaps? Everyone has heard of cookie swaps. If you're in person, each team member is welcome to bring a pie to share with the group, whether it's homemade or store-bought. If your team appreciates healthy competition, ask everyone to vote for their preferred pie and give the winning baker a gift.

Do you hear "turkey gift card"? A mishmash pie can be brought home by each team member. Send pies to each team member's house if you work remotely so you may share a piece digitally and compare notes on the flavors while you're doing it.


    8. Win a Thanksgiving dinner delivered to your home

The holidays can be a stressful time to cook. In fact, on Thanksgiving Day, it can be difficult to even leave your house. Another idea to celebrate Thanksgiving at the office is to deliver a home-cooked lunch to the lucky winner's house, and we imagine a lot of people would value having someone else do the cooking for them. Yum! is all we have to say.

Such competitions at workplaces also enhance teamwork, in a way that these healthy competitions engage coworkers in a friendly manner. So, when needed they can ask for help or work together in a friendly manner that boosts team working.

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   9. Get Send cards of gratitude

Sending cards in the mail is a really simple but effective approach to letting someone know you value them. Everyone should choose a coworker at random to receive a heartfelt note of appreciation. A charming card is also a wonderful way to make your workstation more cheerful.


10.  Recognize your staff members

Thanksgiving is a day for offering thanks, of course!

In the office, we could all use a bit more gratitude. Why not make use of the fact that there is a national holiday solely devoted to gratitude? Take this chance to express your gratitude to the people who help your business succeed and who continuously try to expand it. Although they could be anywhere, your staff are present. Don't consider them to be routine.

Don't wait until Employee Appreciation Day to give it. Even while it should be a year-round habit, Thanksgiving is a particularly wonderful occasion to express thanks to your team members. When giving written or verbal employee acknowledgment, keep in mind these essential qualities:

  • Specific

  • punctuality

  • Visible

  • Inclusive

  • Frequent

  • Values-based


11. Create a wall of gratitude

The design of office buildings has adopted the "gratitude wall" trend.

The benefit of the gratitude wall is that it encourages employees to express their appreciation for one another in public. One kind word at a time is like bringing out the best in each other.

The concept could be as straightforward as writing "thank you" on a whiteboard for the entire workplace. It can be more complicated, like making a small card and hanging it on the wall so that everyone can see it.

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Summing up, the fact that you are celebrating thanksgiving at your workplace, why not share something you're grateful for about your team over your last Zoom happy hour before the holiday weekend? Feeling good about their work and assuring a renewed and rejuvenated outlook when they return are fantastic ways to send off employees.

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