11 High-Paying Creative Jobs for 2022

Updated on 10/18/2022


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If you're considering a career in the creative arts, you may wonder what creative jobs will be in demand in the coming years. 

The good news is that plenty of high-paying jobs are expected to grow in popularity in the next few years. 
This blog post will explore eleven high-paying jobs in high demand by 2022. 

Here are some high-paying jobs for those interested in changing careers or getting started in their creative field. Keep reading!

1. Event Planner

If having a creative eye and a love of planning events might be just what you need to become an event planner! As an event planner, you must organize events from the beginning to the end. All aspects of event planning are involved, from reserving venues and vendors to set timelines and budgets to managing the event day.

Successful event planning requires strong organizational skills and the ability to think on your feet. The ability to communicate effectively is also crucial, whether with clients, vendors, or venue staff. You might be able to find satisfaction as an event planner if you possess these skills and are passionate about planning events.

2. Advertising Account Executive

Managing and developing advertising campaigns for clients is the responsibility of advertising account executives. The account executives work closely with creative teams to ensure that the client's objectives and the campaign's effectiveness are met. Account executives in advertising need to have strong communication and presentation skills to be successful in their jobs. 

Creating effective campaigns requires understanding the client's needs. In addition, they need to be able to negotiate with media outlets to make sure their clients get the best rates. The median annual salary for an advertising account executive is $75,000.

2. Market Research Analyst

Data about consumers and market trends are collected and analyzed by market research analysts. This information is used to make better business choices. Market research analysts often need a bachelor's degree in a relevant field, such as marketing or statistics.

As a market research analyst, you would be responsible for conducting surveys, focus groups, and other research methods to collect consumer data. You would then analyze this data to identify trends and patterns. This information would help companies make better marketing and product decisions.
Working as a market research analyst can be very challenging and rewarding. Thinking creatively and analytically is required. Making better decisions for companies could be your job if you're interested.

3. Creative Director

Taking care of the creative process for your company or client will be your responsibility as a creative director. That includes developing concepts and ideas and working with a team of creatives to see the project through to completion. In terms of pay, creative directors can earn a very competitive salary.

As a copywriter, your job will be to write marketing materials that appeal to the customer, are persuasive, and are exciting, such as articles for websites, brochures, advertisements, and emails. Your goal will be to create material that accurately reflects the brand while driving customer engagement and conversions. Writing skills, creativity, and an understanding of marketing principles are essential for success in this role.

4. Art Director

Art directors oversee the overall visual style and appearance of a publication, advertisement, movie, or website. They collaborate closely with graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, and copywriters to ensure a cohesive and effective final product. Most companies like their art directors to have a bachelor's degree in fine arts or a closely connected profession. Many also have several years of experience in advertising or publishing before being promoted to art director.

5. Illustrator

Your task as an illustrator is to create creative conceptions by hand or using computer applications. Suppose you want to express ideas that motivate, educate, or captivate your target audience's attention. Create and set out ads, brochures, periodicals, and corporate reports.

6. UX/UI Designer

As a UX/UI Designer, your primary responsibilities will be to design and enhance the user interfaces of websites and online apps. In addition to your creative skills, you must have excellent problem-solving abilities and work well with others in a team environment. As a UX/UI Designer, you must have a solid understanding of the concepts governing user experience design and interface design. 

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are two of the most popular design software currently on the market. If you are looking for a high-paying creative job that offers challenges and opportunities for personal and professional growth, then a career as a UX/UI Designer may be the right choice for you.

7. Product Designer 

As a product designer, it is your job to be responsible for the overall appearance of your products. In addition to the look and feel of the product, it should also function properly. When developing new designs, the ability to brainstorm creatively and artistically solve things will be necessary. It is also crucial that excellent communication be maintained with the other team members, such as the engineers and the marketers.

8. Social Media Manager

As a social media manager, your responsibilities include creating and managing content throughout all social media accounts. This process includes posting engaging content, answering comments and questions, monitoring analytics, and more. To succeed in this role, you must have excellent written and communication skills, be highly organized and have a passion for social media. The world of social media is constantly evolving, so it's essential to be able to work independently and adapt to changes.

9. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer creates advertisements, packaging, and logos for a company's products. They use their artistic skills to create functional and appealing designs for customers. Most graphic designers work full-time, although some freelance or work part-time. Many graphic designers work for advertising agencies, public relations firms, newspapers, and other organizations that need marketing and communication materials. Some graphic designers also work for printing companies or publishers, creating book covers, magazines, and other printed material.

Last Thoughts

If you're interested in getting creative jobs or creative arts, be prepared to invest time and effort into your education. However, with hard work and dedication, there's no reason you can't reach your goals. Although a degree in creative arts may be more time consuming and expensive than some other fields, the return on investment can be significant.

Consider what you're interested in and devise a plan to get there. Remember that creativity is not a talent or an innate quality – it's something that can be learned and developed with practice. 
Everything is attainable if you put in a lot of effort, are entirely committed, and have the means you need.

Commonly Asked Questions about Creative Jobs

Are Creative Jobs in Demand?

Creative jobs are in high demand, especially in advertising and marketing. Companies are always looking for new ways to reach their target audiences and need creative professionals to help them do that. 
Many industries value creativity, such as fashion, architecture, and product design. You won't have trouble finding work if you have a creative job.

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