4 Ways to Conduct the Best Video Interviews Without Any Hassle

Updated on 01/15/2023


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The World is getting digitalized so should our interviews! After the COVID-19 pandemic, Businesses now feel comfortable working remotely, which saves them time and money.

One of the most helpful ways was virtual interviews that eliminated the need for both employer and employee to be in the same place. If you are thinking of hiring new employees and need some tips on how to conduct a video interview, then you're in the right place.

Let's dive into some cool video interview tips!

Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a more personal way to connect with candidates. If you're new to the world of virtual (video) interviews, these tips will guide you on everything you need to know about this.

  1. Prepare Yourself and Your Surroundings


  • Prepare for the interview just as you would for a traditional face-to-face interview. Before conducting a video interview make sure everything is in order.
  •  Always keep the candidate and involved employees in the loop while scheduling an interview. One way to do this is by discussing with your potential hire the best date/time that works for each party.
  • Also, when considering conducting a virtual interview, remember to prepare your questions ahead of time; have them written down and think about the best way to ask them without sounding too formal or stilted as reading from a paper or screen can be awkward and difficult for you and the candidate to follow.
  • Before your scheduled interview, ensure that the environment is quiet, which means, free from all background noises that can disrupt your interview. Ensure that the location chosen for the interview is well-lit. This makes your candidate feel more comfortable and confident. Make sure no bright lights are shining directly into the camera and that there are no other distractions in the background. Equally ensure that your Internet connection is stable, fast enough, and secure to avoid unforeseen /interruptions.
  • Ensure that all equipment’s being used for the interview, including your computer, is in excellent working condition. With all the above mentioned on how to conduct a video interview in place, be sure your interview will be going smoothly/great
  1. Look Professional, Talk Professional


On-demand video interviews are great for getting to know a candidate before meeting them in person. So, while conducting an interview it is best to keep it professional and focus more on the hiring requirements and subjects/topics relevant to the company.

Use your questions to learn more about the candidate’s personality, goals, and work experience. Prepare questions that are relative to the job description and the candidate.

Click here, if you are trying to hire/ are hiring engineers for your company. Here are some tips or shortcomings on how to conduct a virtual interview.

Try not to say things that give the company a bad image, just as you would in a face-to-face interview, and endeavor to emphasize the company’s culture.

While checking on all the boxes, you equally need to know how to conduct a behavioral virtual interview. Since you are representing your company, your body language should also give a professional overview of your company.

  1. Give and Take Feedback

One of the most important things to do during the interview is to ensure that the candidate is comfortable during the entering process. To ease the process, try to ask for some feedback from the next person. You may ask equally if they have any relevant questions as this may make your candidate more confident and comfortable.

You can also give your candidate feedback on their interview as some encouraging words from your side might enlighten and motivate them to be more enthusiastic and proficient.

 After you've conducted your interview, send the candidate an email thanking them for their time and letting them know that you look forward to meeting them in person.

  1. Record and Edit Your Interview

If you are conducting numerous interviews, you might want to record and edit them to show them to other staff members later.

The interview should be edited to combine its strongest points, so it flows naturally from one question to the next. If a scene isn't contributing to your video's primary objective, it's acceptable to cut it off. You can make this interview stand out by including on-screen text or other add-ons.

Some companies may prefer not to edit their interview and it’s also perfectly right. It’s all about how you and your company like conducting online interviews.

In A Nutshell

Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular as a means of connecting with potential hires on a more personal level. Now you know how to conduct a video interview like a pro and I’m a hundred percent positive that these tips will help ensure that your video interview is successful.

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Want to know more about how to conduct a video job interview?f

If you still have doubts and difficulties on how to conduct a video job interview, here are a few tips on how to go about it!

How do you structure a video interview?

When you are structuring a video interview, first make the purpose of hiring clear and select the right person to conduct the interview.

Then, Prepare appropriate questions and research your candidate.

Choose the right place to conduct the interview, check that your video interview software, equipment, and internet are all operational and you're ready to go!
How do you conduct a video call interview?

Video call interview requires as much attention to detail as an in-person one. You must ensure that everything from your video-calling equipment to your attire is professional.   

Note that an interview-friendly environment is one with not only good lighting but also a good internet connection. In addition, the interviewer should be fully prepared both strategically and procedurally!

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