Top 11 Useful Tips to Hire DevOps Engineers

Updated on 10/17/2022


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DevOps, a short form of  Development and Operations, is the booming tech and engineering field. Experts with DevOps training are highly in demand. DevOps is a social and professional program concentrating on how we supply our software program.

 It emphasizes collaboration among all human beings worried about the delivery manner -builders and operations teams. It will also upsurge communication and cooperation between groups, resulting in better-friendly software delivered faster.

Hiring DevOps engineers can be a frightening responsibility. DevOps as a job title is a form of the industry. As a consequence, there's no set course to perceive. 

DevOps is a stretchy professional whose primary duty is to support various development groups in enhancing particular infrastructure pieces and letting corporations improve protection, scalability, and performance. 

This article will help you to learn 10 Useful Tips for hiring DevOps Engineers.

Let's dive in!

  1. Look for The Right Skills

  2. Don't Rely on Keyword Filtering

  3. Develop a Competitive DevOps Compensation Plan

  4. Experience in Testing

  5. Excellent Communication and Collaboration Skills

  6. Knowledge of and experience in consuming popular DevOps Tools

  7. Increasing an in-house specialist

  8. Keep an Eye on Social Media Platforms

  9.  Exercises DevOps Security Practices

  10. Attend Conferences and Networking Events

  11. Refine Your Requirements

1. Look for The Right Skills

DevOps engineering is a very different field from other tech fields. It needs to be perfect and expert in the area. Training candidates to serve in this field requires various essential skills and abilities. 

To hire for DevOps, the requirements of specific knowledge are very important such as familiarity with technologies such as Git, Puppet, Jenkins, Docker, and AWS, Bamboo. All these technologies represent a range of operations such as cloud, version, automation, control, etc. 

To hire DevOps, look for a candidate who understands scripting language and has basic knowledge of IT security. Consider soft skills as well because these tend to be collaborative.  

Furthermore, rigid skills can get trained, while soft skills often cannot. Discovering someone with the appropriate soft skills and the determination to study can be more valuable than finding someone with the correct hard skills but deficient in soft skills to fit in.

2. Don't Rely on Keyword Sieving

One of the biggest dangers with DevOps hiring is automatic resume filtering based on keywords. That is because DevOps is both a broadly numerous and a fast-evolving field. Keyword filtering can make paintings first-class for broader technology if you explicitly need familiarity with that era.

The maximum relevant keywords these days are one of a kind from those that have been applicable even just a yr ago. Furthermore, DevOps encompasses the sort of enormous sort of abilities, abilities, and stories that keyword filtering can omit quite a few of what you need to peer.

Automatic filtering is probably to throw out the resumes of outstanding candidates because they aren't pretty in shape and can promote applicants who healthy the key phrases; however, they no longer have the general ethos you need to get from your applicants.

3. Develop a Competitive DevOps Compensation Plan

One not unfamiliar mistake maximum groups regularly make is they think they could appeal right DevOps engineers by offering them high profits even if it doesn't shape their competencies and abilities.

This might work now and again; however, it's now not guaranteed in any respect. As a substitute, you need to focus on growing truthful reimbursement plans for your DevOps positions to ensure you can entice acceptable and skilled candidates.

4. Experience in Testing

Automation is exceptionally driven by trying out, and considering that automation is the spine of DevOps, robust testing abilities are a fundamental requirement for any successful DevOps engineer.

The knowledge of significant testing best practices and how to put them into effect at every stage of the improvement is crucial to certify that each characteristic performs what it should. 

A business that may produce a soothing and entirely-functioning software program for its stop-clients enormously improves investor satisfaction and depositor loyalty.

5. Excellent Communication and Collaboration Skills

Excellent communication skills are included in soft skills and are the most important soft skill to learn. Do not underestimate the Exceptional communication skills while hiring a candidate for DevOps. 

These skills promote problem-solving in an association. They can handle the project needs and enables sharing of ideas and brainstorming. Exceptional communication builds existing skills and increases job satisfaction and loyalty.

Collaborative skills improve the system your crew works. These skills lead to more revolution, efficient procedures, enlarged accomplishment, and enhanced communication. You can support each other to reach your objectives by brainstorming and collaborating. 

6. Knowledge of and experience in consuming popular DevOps Tools

A prodigious DevOps engineer recognizes how to work in trivial bunches so that others can proficiently do their work. Robust communication and collaboration skills set prodigious engineers at a distance from the rest in an atmosphere where the client and the squad are put before the individual.
Knowledge of and experience in consuming widespread DevOps Tools

Make sure to hire a perfect candidate for DevOps. Consider the candidate having experience and knowledge of practical and standard tools. he should have the ability to use these various tools work and how to use and where to use them effectively.
One of the essential skills to use these tools is automation and technologies such as terraform, shef, and PowerShell. When hiring a DevOps, ensure he has the knowledge of infrastructure automation and is familiar with the VMWare and Hyper-V. It will give you a significant benefit in the future.

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7. Increasing an in-house specialist

While hiring a DevOps engineer, you may appear in  IT Operations groups for expertise. Usually, those groups have concentrated on problem-fixing. Due to the increased complexity and scope of creativities, individuals of those groups have probably needed to manipulate a brilliant deal of work with human beings from various backgrounds.

 Those individuals make the best DevOps engineers of the future because of their regularly numerous experiences and know-how. The development engineers may be excellent candidates because they understand engineering ideas and have era literacy.

Please find out how they could collaborate to create new services or products, percentage their creative mindset and high integration, and present know-how structures and the team's brief assignment projects and implementation as part of your existing teams.

8. Keep an Eye on Social Media Platforms

Social media systems are the ability to connect with DevOps specialists. They're also a great foundation of digits because maximum experts write blogs they enjoy inside the zone. Preserve a watch on those sources and find your next DevOps engineer thru social media. 

It would be best to preserve a watch on some popular systems, with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Similarly, social media systems can be unstable if you no longer care. There are numerous fake specialists the purpose of attempting to promote their offerings, so make sure to test them out before hiring them.

9. Exercises DevOps Security Practices

Compounding improvement and operations and reshuffling its methods allows faster development sequences; however, its rapid production additionally leaves room for security susceptibilities.

Therefore, hiring a DevOps engineer who can write comfortable code at some stage in a fast development cycle is a must. The system of participating protection practices in DevOps is called DevSecOps, which many companies are already applying. With this, corporations buffer the packages they build from security intimidations.

Safety must constantly be a priority for groups; the need to increase comfortable software right from the beginning is crucial in a development cycle.

10. Attend Conferences and Networking Events

Networking occasions and conferences are another way to discover your following DevOps employees. Maximum of the time, these occasions carry experts from all fields collectively. 

That is an excellent opportunity to recognize and keep in contact with ability DevOps professionals for later collaboration. 
You must consider asking them if they realize a person who can healthy your function before attending those networking occasions but hold an eye fixed out on talks and presentations properly.

It is probably a distinct possibility to satisfy your destiny DevOps team contributor.

11. Refine Your Requirements

One of the biggest flip-offs of the hiring process is a company that lists 25 different items inside the "should-have" category of skills. Not most effective can this suppress certain varieties of programs, but it's also nearly continually unnecessary.

DevOps specializes in modernizing teams before technology. They ought to be flexible enough to move from one region of a software program created to another, be it integration, checking out, releasing, or deployment. 

A DevOps engineer must have bendy working skills and adapt to the changing code, technologies, and the purchaser's desires." Due to the fact DevOps and DevSecOps are so variable, it is tough to pare down complex skills into complicated requirements. 

Commonly Asked Questions related to Hiring DevOps Engineers


A. What qualifications do you need to be a DevOps engineer? 

To become a DevOps engineer, you need a bachelor's degree in software design, information technology, or another related pitch. 

B. Which is the best website to hire DevOps engineer?

Yulys.net  is a job search platform devoted to job hunters and companies in the US. This website helps you to match the best-suited job applicants with corporations. You can hire DevOps engineers by posting the job here

C. What is the basic salary of a DevOps engineer?

The usual annual salary for somebody with 0-1 year of experience as a DevOps engineer is $104,122.

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