200+ Powerful Verbs to Make Your Resume Stand Out In 2023

Updated on 08/12/2023


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Are you tired of applying for jobs and sending countless resumes but never hearing back from potential employers? Do you feel your qualifications are getting lost in bland and generic words? If so, then it's time to power up your resume with action-packed verbs that showcase your skills and accomplishments while also grabbing the attention of recruiters.

In this article, we have compiled over 200 powerful verbs that will revitalise your resume and make it shine like never before.  So, let's delve into the realm of action-oriented resumes and unlock the secrets to landing your dream job in 2023.

What Are Powerful Verbs?

Powerful verbs are words that carry positive connotations and help to catch the attention of recruiters while highlighting your capabilities. Replacing passive-sounding phrases like "responsible for" with these resume power verbs is essential to convey a more proactive and dynamic image of yourself. By doing so, you demonstrate your value and make a compelling case for why recruiters should hire you. So, don't hesitate to infuse your resume with these strong verbs to leave a lasting impression and stand out from the competition.

Why Do Powerful Action Verbs Matter?

To capture the attention of hiring managers among the deluge of resumes, your resume must exude dynamism and engagement. The selection of powerful verbs has the potential to elevate mundane sentences into compelling statements that showcase your achievements and exemplify your abilities. So, ensure that your resume incorporates these impactful verbs to create a strong and lasting impression highlighting your unique qualifications and standing out in the competitive job market.

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         Which Powerful Verbs Should You Use?


When selecting powerful action verbs for your resume, make sure you tailor them to the position you are applying for. Conduct a thorough job posting analysis to identify key responsibilities and requirements. While the choice of powerful verbs will be job-specific, there are some general guidelines to consider:

Opt for resume power verbs with measurable outcomes. Accompany these verbs with concrete achievements, such as "enhanced customer base by 35%," to demonstrate your impact and contributions.

Avoid using subjective words that sound self-centred. Statements like "I'm amazing at" or "I'm incredible at" can be off-putting to recruiters, as they might perceive them as signs of arrogance or self-importance.

                        200+ Powerful Verbs List for Resume

Resume Powerful Verbs for Teamwork and Communication

If your job was to give guidance or communicate information to your  team, you should use the following:

1. Advised

2. Advocated

3. Clarified

4. Corresponded

5. Defined

6. Gathered

7. Ignited

8. Informed

9. Interpreted

10. Persuaded

11. Publicised

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If you were part of a team:

12. Aided

13. Enabled

14. Encouraged

15. Facilitated

16. Fostered

17. Inspired

18. Supported

19. Collaborated

When you supervised a team:

20. Guided

21. Evaluated

22. Instructed

23. Mentored

24. Motivated

25. Regulated

26. Taught

Resume Powerful Verbs for Management and Leadership Achievements

When you achieve a goal:

27. Achieved

28. Attained

29. Strengthened

30. Initiated

31. Coordinated

32. Developed

33. Managed

34. Orchestrated

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When you opt for a different approach to solve a problem:

35. Implemented

36. Recommended

37. Overhauled

38. Improved

39. Streamlined

40. Prioritised

When you’re working with other people:

41. Motivated

42. Supervised

43. Delegated

44. Chaired

Resume Powerful Verbs to Represent Your Creativity

When you helped the company or launched some new thing:

45. Conceptualized

46. Designed

47. Devised

48. Determined

49. Drafted

50. Formulated

51. Introduced

52. Initiated

53. Launched

54. Originated

55. Spearheaded

When you worked on an established idea:

56. Adapted

57. Applied

58. Built

59. Condensed

60. Customised

61. Fashioned

62. Integrated

63. Modified

64. Patched

65. Piloted

66. Shaped

67. Revitalised

When you introduced a finished project:

68. Displayed

69. Modelled

70. Launched

71. Performed

72. Pioneered

Resume Powerful Verbs for Problem-Solving Achievements

When you worked with data, statistics or numbers:

73. Audited

74. Budgeted

75. Calculated

76. Converted

77. Crafted

78. Documented

79. Estimated

80. Inventoried

81. Programmed

82. Projected

83. Recorded

84. Verified

When you corrected mistakes:

85. Debugged

86. Diagnosed

87. Established

88. Fixed

89. Rectified

90. Lessened

91. Reconciled

92. Remodelled

93. Rebuilt

94. Upgraded

95. Corrected

When you kept company processes flowing seamlessly:

96. Conserved

97. Maintained

98. Operated

99. Regulated

100. Refined

101. Simplified

102. Standardised

Resume Powerful Verbs for Research, Analysis, and Planning

When you helped prepare an event:

103. Assembled

104. Conducted

105. Organized

When you analysed a new idea:

106. Experimented

107. Detected

108. Discovered

109. Measured

110. Mapped

111. Probed

112. Searched

113. Surveyed

114. Studied

When you analysed existing methods and ideas:

115. Analysed

116. Assessed

117. Clarified

118. Checked

119. Examined

120. Explored


122. Investigated

123. Quantified

124. Reviewed

125. Tested

126. Tracked

127. Convert

When you take part in solving a problem:

128. Critiqued

129. Diagnosed

130. Identified

131. Invented

132. Proved

133. Solved

Resume Powerful Verbs to Use For “Support”

When you support others via words:

134. Advised

135. Answered

136. Clarified

137. Motivated

138. Collaborated

139. Fielded

140. Guided

141. Intervened

142. Referred

143. Resolved

When you support others via actions:

144. Aided

145. Assisted

146. Contributed

147. Provided

148. Volunteered

When you taught others:

149. Coached

150. Counselled

151. Demonstrated

152. Educated

153. Informed

Resume Powerful Verbs to Use as a Replacement for “Improved”

Did you leave the company you worked for better than when you came in? To avoid redundancy and maintain impact, it's essential to diversify the language used when describing improvements. Here's a mix of alternatives to "improve" on inorder to keep the narrative engaging:

154. Amplify

155. Boosted

156. Converted

157. Customised

158. Elaborated

159. Grew

160. Integrated

161. Lifted

162. Merged

163. Overhauled

164. Raised

165. Redesigned

166. Refined

167. Remodelled

168. Reorganised

169. Restructured

170. Revamped

171. Saved

172. Slashed

173. Streamlined

174. Strengthened

175. Updated

176. Upgraded

Resume Powerful Verbs to Use In place of “Responsible for”

Indeed, relying solely on "responsible for" in a resume can quickly become monotonous and unimpressive. To make your resume stand out and capture attention, consider using these alternative verbs that add a vibrant and dynamic touch:

177. Accomplished

178. Acquired

179. Achieved

180. Acted As

181. Completed

182. Created

183. Executed

184. Finished

185. Forged

186. Made

187. Navigated

188. Negotiated

189. Operated

190. Partnered

191. Performed

192. Prepared

193. Produced

194. Secured

195. Succeeded In

196. Undertook

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Resume Powerful Verbs to Use Instead of “Worked On”

Standing out and demonstrating your value can be challenging when most job descriptions centre around contributions. To make your resume more impactful and original, consider using these alternatives to the overused phrase "worked on":

197. Arranged

198. Compiled

199. Composed

200. Constructed

201. Created

202. Developed

203. Engaged In

204. Fashioned

205. Forged

206. Formulated

207. Made

208. Made Progress On

209. Operated

210. Organized

211. Perfected

212. Prepared

213. Pursued

214. Put Together

215. Set-Up

216. Undertook

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How To Use Powerful Verbs On Your Resume?

Powerful verbs are essential to a strong resume but can sometimes be tricky. Here are five tips for using powerful verbs effectively:

1) Avoid Overused Action Verbs

While powerful verbs can make a resume impactful, some have become so overused that recruiters may overlook them. Here are some examples of overused powerful verbs:

  1. Worked with
  2. Responsible for
  3. Managed
  4. Led
  5. Assisted

2) Be As Specific As Possible

Being specific is crucial to effectively convey your accomplishments and past work experiences in a resume. Two effective ways to achieve this are by using numbers and powerful verbs:

3) Avoid Writing In The Passive Voice

Active voice offers numerous advantages, making it a preferable choice in writing. It is more concise, clear, and direct, enabling the reader to understand the subject's action straightforwardly. In contrast, passive voice can create confusion as it obscures the doer of the action. Active voice lends a sense of engagement and liveliness to the text, making it more interesting and engaging to read.

4) Use Industry-Specific Verbs

It’s important to use language specific to the industry you’re applying to.

For example, if you’re applying for a job in the finance industry, using verbs like “invested,” “audited,” or “calculated” will show recruiters that you have the relevant skills, experience, and knowledge that they are looking for.


If you want your resume to make a strong impact and set you apart from the competition, using powerful verbs is the key. After reading this article, I hope you have gained enough knowledge to incorporate powerful verbs into your resume effectively. So, pick up a list of powerful words and craft a compelling, attention-grabbing resume that will leave a lasting impression on employers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Use The Same Verbs For Every Job Application?

It's best to tailor your verbs and content to each job description to highlight relevant skills and experiences.

How Many Powerful Verbs Should I Include In My Resume/Cv?

There is no specific number but use them strategically to emphasise your achievements and contributions.

Should I Use Powerful Verbs In My Cover Letter As Well?

Yes, incorporating powerful verbs in your cover letter can enhance your overall job application.

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