What Major Companies Hire Felons in 2024 (15+ Jobs Inside!)

Updated on 02/26/2024


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  1. Felonies result in significant prison sentences and penalties, creating hurdles for ex-convicts to reintegrate into the society.
  2. Companies willing to hire individuals with criminal records are crucial in reducing reoffending risks.
  3. By hiring felons, companies can benefit from federal tax credits through the Opportunity Tax Credit, which offers up to 25% or 40% tax credits.
  4. Some states and cities offer additional incentives for hiring felons, further expanding job opportunities.
  5. Discover a list of companies that hire felons, giving them the chance to change their lives.

Life has its highs and lows; sometimes, people face challenges. If you've been through legal troubles and ended up serving time for a felony, you might be struggling to secure a job. The good news is that employers are willing to consider hiring individuals with a felony record.

So, in this guide, we’ll discuss what companies hire felons (15+ job opportunities) and how to get a job as a felony.

Who Are the felons?

Felonies are more severe than misdemeanors, often resulting in lengthy prison sentences and hefty penalties. This makes it challenging for convicted felons to reintegrate into society, hindering their efforts to find stability and a supportive community that can reduce the likelihood of them committing further offenses.

Companies open to hiring individuals with past convictions play a vital role in reducing the risk of reoffending. Instead of turning away applicants solely based on their criminal history, these employers welcome everyone to apply, providing equal job opportunities.

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What are the Benefits of Employing Felonies?

Hiring individuals with a criminal record can be beneficial for employers. Felons often strive harder to earn trust, bringing advantages to the workplace.

Moreover, hiring a felon can lead to federal tax credits for employers. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit allows employers to receive a tax credit of up to 25% of the first year's wages for qualified felons, provided they work at least 120 hours. If the employee works over 400 hours, the tax credit can increase to 40%.

Beyond federal benefits, some states and cities also offer incentives for hiring felons. Considering these advantages, there are many job opportunities for diligent ex-felons.

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What Major Companies Hire Felons?

If you're looking for job opportunities and have a felony on your record, targeting companies known for hiring individuals with a criminal background is a smart move. This increases your chances of finding employment.

Check out our curated list of companies that hire felons. These are larger companies with job openings across the country:

  1.  McDonald's

McDonald's, a major player in the fast-food industry, has numerous stories online about individuals with criminal records finding employment at their establishments. Having a misdemeanor is unlikely to disqualify you automatically.

Since McDonald's operates as a franchise, your application experience may differ between stores. While some places conduct background checks, others may not. Clearly communicate your job preferences during your job search.

  1.  Starbucks

Contrary to common perception, Starbucks is surprisingly generous in fast-food work. They offer subsidized education, health coverage, paid time off, and a range of other benefits.


Expect background checks when applying, but also note that having a felony conviction doesn't automatically disqualify you. Also, Starbucks evaluates felon applicants on a case-by-case basis.

  1.  Microsoft

Despite being a major corporation, Microsoft has a history of hiring individuals with criminal records, making it a viable option during your job search. Moreover, collaborative programs like the Workforce Foundation have worked with Microsoft to eliminate employment barriers.

  1.  Coca-Cola

As the leading soda brand, Coca-Cola can be a promising choice for those rebuilding their lives post-prison. While job hunting is challenging, felons have opportunities here.

Ensure any charges on your record are at least five years old when applying. Recent convictions may negatively impact your application.

  1.  General Mills

General Mills includes background and drug checks in their application process. Having a felony charge doesn't necessarily hinder your application; it depends on the nature and recency of the offence.

  1.  Amazon

Amazon's development and warehouse branches offer abundant job opportunities for suitable candidates. Depending on the severity of your charge, starting at the warehouse and working your way up might be advisable.

For felon-friendly jobs in development, your resume and interview skills often matter more than your criminal record.

7. Walmart

Walmart might not be a glamorous job, but it's a reliable option for many, offering a steady income and decent support. While their job applications don't ask about specific convictions, they conduct background checks to examine your past.

If you've been doing well since leaving prison, Walmart won't hold your past against you when you apply!

8. Google

Known globally for well-compensated roles and excellent benefits, Google doesn't let a criminal history stand in your way. Your relevant experience and training matter most during the application process.

Google is part of the Fair Chance Business Pledge, showing its commitment to reducing barriers for previously incarcerated individuals re-entering society.

9. American Airlines

American Airlines, a major player in the airline industry, can be a great choice post-prison. Depending on your position, you may enjoy travel discounts, health coverage, and a 401(k) plan.

Remember that aviation-related jobs involve a comprehensive Federal Aviation Administration background check, but American Airlines is open to considering applicants with a criminal record.

10. Pizza Hut

Earning tips can significantly boost your income at Pizza Hut. As an international franchise, your experience may vary by location, but many previously incarcerated individuals have found work at one of the 19,000 Pizza Hut restaurants.

11. Facebook

Interested in the tech sector? Facebook is an excellent option. The company actively supports fair hiring practices and has signed the Fair Chance Pledge to improve career prospects for those with a criminal history.

12. Gap

Gap offers customer-facing roles, and while certain charges may impact success, a felony charge alone won't automatically exclude you. Applicants with retail experience or good interpersonal skills stand a good chance.

13. CVS Health

CVS Health is a fantastic option after prison if you're open to a comprehensive background check. The type and intensity of the check depend on your state's laws, but the range of career options at CVS is broad, spanning from analytics, retail, and more.

14. Unilever

Your experience at Unilever depends on the interviewer, but many people with felony convictions have found work here. Like most major companies, Unilever conducts relevant background checks influenced by state laws.

15. Uber

Uber doesn't automatically reject applications from individuals with a felony record, especially if it's been more than seven years since your release. However, be prepared for thorough background checks and interviews, as these may impact your eligibility for reasons other than your criminal history.

16. IKEA

Applying at IKEA involves consenting to a pre-employment check, examining your record, and various factors. Refusal to undergo this check results in application dismissal. However, if you agree, a past conviction alone won't hinder your chances of finding work.

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17. Tyson Foods

Tyson Foods doesn't inquire about past convictions in its application forms. Your relevant experience and skills take precedence during the application process. With nearly 124,000 employees across multiple states, Tyson Foods offers ample opportunities for those seeking employment.

How to Apply for a Job as a Felon?

If you're looking for a job as someone with a criminal record, this list of felon-friendly employers is an excellent starting point. As you start your job search, consider these essential practices:

  1.  Be Honest

Employers often conduct background checks, so being truthful about your criminal record is crucial. Lying can lead to rejection from consideration.

  1.  Apply Anyway

Don't hesitate to submit applications to potential employers, even if you're unsure about their stance on hiring felons. The worst that can happen is not hearing back. Explore job opportunities in your area to find potential fits.

  1.  Craft a Strong Cover Letter

For roles requiring a resume and cover letter, use this chance to share more about yourself. Address your criminal record openly, explaining what you've learned from your past and highlighting the positive changes. A well-crafted cover letter can make a significant impact.

  1.  Enhance Your Resume

Your resume showcases your work and educational background, but it can also include volunteer work and community service. Before applying, follow resume tips to enhance it and stand out.

  1.  Dress Professionally for Interviews

If you secure an interview, whether in person or virtually, dress professionally and arrive on time. Even for virtual interviews, presenting yourself on time makes a positive impression.

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After reading our guide on “what major companies hire felons”, you should now be well informed about the job opportunities that exist for felons. Moreover, the list of major companies hiring felons demonstrates a growing trend toward inclusivity and a willingness to consider applicants based on their skills and potential rather than past mistakes. So, as society embraces the idea of second chances, the collaboration between willing employers and felons contributes to personal rehabilitation and building stronger communities.


Does Enterprise Hire Felons?

“Enterprise Rent-A-Car” does consider hiring individuals with felony convictions on a case-by-case basis. Make sure you disclose your conviction and discuss it with the hiring manager during the application process.

Are There Companies That Hire Felons In Virginia?

Yes, some Virginia companies, such as CalArk International Trucking, Calvin Klein, Campbell Soup, Carolina Cargo, etc., hire individuals with felony convictions.

Which Companies Hire Felons In Texas?

Several companies in Texas are open to hiring individuals with felony convictions. Some examples include Goodwill, 7-Eleven, and UPS.

What Companies Hire Felons In Atlanta?

In Atlanta, companies known for hiring individuals with felony records include The Home Depot, FedEx, and Waffle House.

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