How to Craft an Effective Graphic Designer Cover Letter [Sample Templates Included]

Updated on 10/31/2023


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Are you struggling to land that dream graphic designer job despite having an impressive portfolio? Have you ever wondered what makes certain cover letters stand out? An effective graphic designer cover letter can be the key to unlocking desired opportunities in this fiercely competitive industry. However, crafting an impactful graphic designer cover letter isn’t just about showcasing your skills. So, In this blog post, we’ll help you create a compelling graphic designer cover letter that doesn't have to be an enigma. Also, we’ll cover the vital elements that make your graphic designer's cover letter shine. So, let’s explore the details:

What Is the Role of a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a gateway to initiate a dialogue with a prospective employer. It effectively showcases the unique value you, as a Graphic Designer, can bring to the table. Unlike a resume, which typically follows a rigid structure of bullet points and statistics, the cover letter allows for personal flair.

It's an opportunity to narrate your journey, elucidating how your ardor, training, and past encounters have shaped you into an outstanding Graphic Designer. Additionally, it serves as a platform where you can address any significant shifts in your career trajectory or potential gaps in your professional history.

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What to Include in a Graphic Designer Cover Letter?

When crafting or refining your graphic design cover letter, keep these essential elements in mind to make it effective and appealing:

1. Contact Details

Don't overlook the inclusion of your contact information, including your email address and phone number. These details help the employer to easily reach out to you. Remember to include the link to your online portfolio for a comprehensive view of your work.

2. Show Interest in the Job Advert

Tailor each cover letter to the specific job posting, showcasing your relevant experience, skills, and professional interests that align with the company's requirements. Demonstrate your genuine interest in the position by highlighting how you can be the ideal fit for the role.

3. Optimized Style

Maintain a business-oriented yet engaging writing style in your cover letter. Avoid overly formal language and excessively designed templates. Create an original, readable cover letter design that reflects individuality and creativity without compromising professionalism.

4. Highlight Your Strengths and Skills

Highlight your graphic design expertise technical and soft skills like collaboration, meeting deadlines, attention to detail, and effective communication. Provide concrete examples of your experience and accomplishments in the field.

5. Ensure Grammatical Accuracy

Pay meticulous attention to grammar and spelling. Use proofreading tools or seek assistance from someone proficient in English to ensure a polished and error-free cover letter.

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6. Proficiency in Design User Interfaces

Showcase your proficiency in various graphic design software and your understanding of marketing and SEO tools. Highlight your capability to leverage design for enhancing customer engagement and driving conversions.

7. Personal Characteristics

Incorporate specific instances demonstrating your personal qualities, highlighting instances where your characteristics have positively impacted a professional setting.

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8. Education Information

Integrate your education details to complement your work experiences, showcasing a holistic career journey that makes you a well-rounded candidate.

9. Optimal Length

Keep your cover letter concise, comprising 3-5 small paragraphs and not exceeding one A4 or Letter page. A concise and well-structured letter demonstrates your ability to communicate effectively and efficiently.

10. Express Gratitude and Intent

Conclude your cover letter with a thank-you note, expressing your enthusiasm for the opportunity and eagerness to discuss how you can contribute to the company. Display a genuine interest in the company's culture and express your willingness to participate in further discussions or interviews.

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Write a Graphic Designer Cover Letter: Step-by-Step Process

When drafting a cover letter for a graphic designer, ensure it presents a comprehensive view of your relevant skills, experiences, and qualifications. Establish a connection between your previous design achievements and the company's requirements.

Convey your excitement for the role and the organization. Additionally, structure your letter with a well-crafted header, a personalized greeting, an intriguing introduction, and a gracious closing.


Provide your name, email address, phone number, and links to your portfolio/website and LinkedIn profile. Make sure that the header aligns with the formatting of your resume.


Avoid using generic openings like “To Whom It May Concern.” Try to get information about the Hiring Manager's name through thorough research, utilizing the job posting, company website, Google search, LinkedIn, or by directly contacting the company's front office.


Start with an introduction that instantly captures the Hiring Manager’s attention. Express your genuine passion for design, recount a significant achievement, or elucidate what excites you about the opportunity.

Relevant skills

Highlight a selection of your most pertinent design skills, emphasizing your proficiency with leading graphic design tools such as Adobe Creative Suite. Reference the job posting to identify the Graphic Designer skills sought by the company precisely.

Design experience

Narrate a few of your most successful projects, ensuring your narrative revolves around how your contributions can benefit the company. Incorporate factual data where possible.

Explain how your past projects and acquired skills directly apply to the company’s requirements. For Senior Graphic Designers, choose which projects or job roles to include accordingly.

Reasons for applying

Articulate what entices you about the role and clarify your reason for applying for the job. Convey your enthusiasm and passion, citing specific projects or values to demonstrate your thorough research.


Repeat your interest and skills and thank the Hiring Manager for their time. Encourage the Hiring Manager to review your resume and portfolio for further engagement.

Graphic Designer Cover Letter Template

[Full Name]

[Phone Number]





[Hiring Manager’s Name]

[Hiring Manager’s Job Title]

[Company Name]

[Company Address]

Dear [Hiring Manager Name],

I was thrilled to come across the [job title] opening at [company]. Drawing from my extensive experience in graphic design and proficiency in [list skill] and [list skill], I am confident in my ability to contribute significantly to [company]'s objectives.

During my tenure as [current/past job] at [current/previous company], I honed my expertise in [list main responsibilities]. I spearheaded [discuss significant accomplishments and impact as a designer]. This experience has equipped me with valuable skills in [list relevant skills] that directly apply to [company].

My eagerness to join [company] stems from my admiration for [reasons you are interested in the role/company]. I am particularly impressed by [discussing one of the company’s projects or values]. Leveraging my enthusiasm and proficiency in [list relevant skills], I am confident I would seamlessly integrate into your team.


For your perusal, I have enclosed my resume, which provides a comprehensive overview of my qualifications. I invite you to explore my portfolio at [link to portfolio] and encourage you to contact me at [contact information] to schedule a discussion. Thank you for dedicating your time and considering my application.



Graphic Designer Cover Letter Example

Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

I am deeply passionate about crafting visually striking designs that fuel brand growth. With over 3 years of dedicated experience in shaping memorable advertising campaigns, I am thrilled about the prospect of contributing to XYZ Company's success as a Graphic Designer.

My background spans from freelance and in-house roles, allowing me to engage with diverse print, interactive, and digital design projects. I am a Graphic Designer at 123 Technology, creating all communication materials and driving advertising campaigns.

I have a BA in Graphic Designing. My proficiency extends to InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, and CSS. I am enthusiastic about channeling my expertise to aid XYZ Company in developing award-winning campaigns for your esteemed clients.

I am eager to discuss my qualifications and skills further. You can explore my portfolio at [portfolio link] and review the attached Graphic Designer resume for a comprehensive overview of my capabilities. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience to schedule an interview. Thank you sincerely for considering my application.


[Full Name]


An effective graphic designer cover letter ensures your application stands out. Following the guidelines above and utilizing the sample template, you can create a compelling narrative showcasing your unique skills and experiences. Remember to personalize your cover letter for each application, emphasizing your passion for the role and understanding the company's needs. A well-crafted cover letter demonstrates your professionalism and is a powerful tool to leave a lasting impression on potential employers. Use this opportunity to highlight your creativity and expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Cover Letter Design In a CV?

A cover letter in a CV is a personalized document accompanying your resume, highlighting your qualifications, skills, and experiences that make you a suitable candidate for a particular job. It serves as an introduction to your CV, allowing you to showcase your enthusiasm for the position and the company.

How Do I Write About Myself As A Graphic Designer?

When writing about yourself as a graphic designer, focus on showcasing your creative abilities, technical skills, and relevant experiences. Highlight your proficiency in various design software, your understanding of design principles, and any notable projects you have worked on

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