Top 13 Ways To Answer ‘Sell Me This Pen’

Updated on 09/08/2023


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Have you ever been asked to sell a pen during a job interview? It might seem simple, but the "Sell me this pen" interview question is designed to reveal your sales skills, creativity, and ability to think on your feet. Do you want to master this interview riddle professionally? Continue reading this guide as we'll explore the secrets of acing this challenging interview question. Let's delve into the strategies to elevate your sales pitch and leave a lasting impression on your employer.

How to Master the Sell Me This Pen Answer?

Here's the thing: When you hear the phrase "sell me this pen," it's not just about selling a pen.

Surprising, right? Even seasoned sales professionals find this intriguing.

Let us break it down for you.

"Sell me this pen" is a versatile prompt. Beyond the surface, the interviewer is asking:

  • Can you identify the ideal customer for the product?
  • Do you comprehend your client's specific needs?
  • Are your fundamental sales skills, like building rapport, up to par?
  • Can you create a sense of urgency?
  • How adept are you at closing deals effectively?

You must demonstrate to the interviewer that you possess all these essential skills and can truly contribute to the company. Moreover, crafting insightful, sales-oriented questions enhances your credibility as a sales professional. For instance, inquiring about the interviewer's pen preferences and the purpose behind their pen usage showcases a crucial sales skill: empathy.

Contrarily, if you start babbling about the pen's features or fabricating information, you're signalling dishonesty to the interviewer. While knowing how long the interviewer has desired the pen is a good starting point, they might just throw you off by claiming they don't need a pen. In such cases, you must swiftly navigate a qualification session and establish their genuine needs before closing.

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How to  Sell A Pen" Challenge In An Interview? (Good Responses)

Here are some noteworthy examples of responses that can tackle the "Sell me this pen" challenge:

  1. "Consider this: How frequently do you reach for a pen? When was the last instance you used one?
  2. "Pen preferences say a lot about us. Do you lean towards classic blue ink, the elegance of black ink, or perhaps a touch of vibrancy with green or red?
  3. "Ever experienced the frustration of a subpar pen? The ink that stutters, the uneven script, the constant worry of running out of ink at an inconvenient moment?
  4. Have you ever held a pen that feels right in your hand, where the ink flows effortlessly and leaves a striking impression on paper?
  5. "Have you ever observed that influential figures—CEOs, executives—often possess pens that mirror their status?
  6. "Picture a scenario: you urgently need to write something significant, and as you glance at your collection of pens, none truly resonate with you. That's where the right pen comes in—a pen that complements your moment, your mood, and your purpose."

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"Sell Me This Pen" Interview Question ( Bad Responses)

Here are examples of answers to the "Sell me this pen" question that you shouldn’t say:

  • "I'm not in the business of selling pens. This exercise doesn't interest me."
  • "This pen is the epitome of perfection, boasting an unparalleled design and groundbreaking features that will revolutionise your writing experience."
  • "Using a regular Bic pen makes you look like a loser. But with this pen, you'll exude an air of importance and success."

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How to Sell A Pen Interview Scenario

Interviewer: Sell me this pen.

You: What kind of pen are you usually drawn to?

Interviewer: I'm not quite sure; I have a few pens already.

You: Do you have a favourite pen you rely on for important notes or signatures? One that feels right in your hand and leaves a smooth mark on paper?

Interviewer: Not really. I carry a couple of pens just in case.

You: Think about your pen usage. Do you often find yourself jotting down thoughts during meetings or phone calls? Have you ever needed a pen to sign significant contracts or personalise letters or cards?

Interviewer: Yes, I use pens for various tasks.

You: And when you're using a pen in a professional setting, do appearances matter? Would you prefer a pen that reflects a sense of refinement, or is functionality your primary concern?

Interviewer: A pen that looks good and writes well would be ideal.

You: That's the beauty of this pen. It's not just about its appearance but also its exceptional performance. This model combines gold plating with sterling silver, delivering an elegant design without being too heavy. The writing experience is incredibly smooth, almost like a dream. Give it a try – find a piece of paper and sign your name. You won't need to worry about scribbling first to get the ink flowing; it's guaranteed to work flawlessly.

Interviewer: It does write smoothly.

You: Absolutely. It's an embodiment of value, not mere expense. This pen is within your reach, and its versatility allows you to carry it anywhere. With refillable cartridges, you'll never run out of ink.

Interviewer: I usually take some time to think before making a purchase.

You: I understand completely. How about this? Keep the pen for a week, use it daily, and see if it meets your expectations. I'll return next Tuesday. If you find it doesn't suit your needs, I'll take it back; no strings attached. If you like it but want to explore other options, I can also bring those to you. Consider this week a trial period with no obligations.

Interviewer: That sounds like a fair deal.


Cracking the tough interview question, "Selling me this pen," is about effective communication, understanding your audience, and presenting value. By following these strategies and practising your pitch, you'll be well-equipped to impress your interviewers and secure your dream job. So, remember to stay confident, enthusiastic, and focused on how this pen can make a difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Humour In My Pitch?

Absolutely! A well-placed joke can lighten the mood and make your pitch memorable.

What If The Interviewer Challenges Me?

Embrace the challenge! It's an opportunity to showcase your adaptability and quick thinking.

Should I Memorise A Script?

While it's good to prepare, focus on understanding the pen's value. Authenticity beats memorization.

What If I'm Not A Natural Salesperson?

You don't need to be. Just convey your enthusiasm for the pen's benefits.Is Body Language Important?

Yes, maintain eye contact, use hand gestures and stand/sit confidently

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