Mastering ATS Resume With 300+ Top Resume Keywords

Updated on 10/13/2023


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Are you ready to take your job application to the next level in 2023? In today's competitive job market, a well-crafted resume is your golden ticket to securing your dream job. Moreover, nowadays, every recruiter and hiring manager relies on ATS software to screen resumes. This underscores the significance of using the appropriate keywords tailored for ATS. These ATS keywords hold considerable sway over whether you secure a job offer. So, in this article, we’ll reveal 500+ Top ATS Resume Keywords that will help you make your resume stand out in the digital crowd.

What Are ATS Resume Keywords?

“ATS" stands for Applicant Tracking System, a recruitment software employed by hiring managers to evaluate your resume and determine your eligibility for a job opening.

For recruiters, ATS is a valuable tool as it enables them to quickly review hundreds or even thousands of resumes in seconds. This efficiency allows them to identify high-quality candidates and invest their time accordingly.

How to Identify the Right ATS Resume Keywords?

One of the most reliable methods for finding ATS-friendly resume keywords is thoroughly reviewing the job description. Pay close attention to the skills and qualifications outlined as prerequisites for the position. Incorporate these keywords into your resume, with a particular emphasis on the work experience section.

An effortless and highly efficient way to identify suitable keywords is by utilizing an ATS resume checker. This advanced technology employs AI to analyze your resume compared to the job description. The scanner then generates a resume score based on various factors, including skills, keywords, and experience, offering valuable guidance on areas that require improvement.

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How to Use ATS Keywords on Your Resume?

To optimize your resume with ATS keywords and increase your chances of passing through Applicant Tracking Systems, follow these steps:

  1.  Read the Job Listing Carefully

Review the job description for the position you're applying for and identify specific keywords the employer has included. Look for education requirements, duties, responsibilities, and preferred qualifications. Use these keywords in your resume, as the ATS is likely programmed to recognize and prioritize them.

  1.  Include Role-Specific Keywords

Ensure that your resume contains keywords specific to the role you're pursuing. Always include the company's name and the exact job title. Incorporate these into your resume's summary statement or career objective section. Additionally, feature any relevant education, certifications, or licenses for the position and emphasize hard skills essential for success.

  1.  Include Industry Keywords

Incorporate industry-specific keywords into your resume. You can identify these keywords by conducting a Google search for "[industry] resume keywords." Some may already be in the job description, but adding industry-specific terms not mentioned in the listing can demonstrate your expertise within your field.

  1.  Place Keywords in the Right Location

Determine where to place your chosen ATS keywords within your resume strategically. Key sections to focus on include the summary statement, education, experience, and skills sections. Also, ensure that your cover letter incorporates some of these keywords. Start your resume by highlighting the most relevant keywords in your summary statement, followed by education details.

In the experience section, use role-specific keywords from the job listing's duties and responsibilities. Lastly, the skills section should feature a mix of hard and soft skills relevant to the industry and position.

  1.  Use Correct Spelling, Numbers, and Abbreviations

Review your ATS resume to ensure that your keywords are spelled correctly and that you've correctly used numbers and abbreviations. It's crucial to match the spelling and formatting of keywords to how they appear in the job description.

If the job description uses abbreviations, include both the abbreviation and the full term. Likewise, if numbers are spelled out, do the same in your resume.

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  1.  Write for Both ATS and Human Reviewers

While including ATS keywords is essential, remember that humans will review your resume. Avoid overloading your resume with keywords, which may become difficult to read.

Be honest in your representation, as human reviewers can detect discrepancies. Only include ATS keywords that align with your education, experience, and skills.

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List of ATS Resume Keywords

Here’s a comprehensive list of top ATS resume keywords categorized by industry. These keywords are commonly found in job descriptions, so incorporating them into your resume can improve your chances of passing through ATS:

Business, Finance, Law

  1. Account Management
  2. Accounting
  3. Accounts Payable
  4. Accounts Receivable
  5. Analysis
  6. Analytical
  7. Analytical Skills
  8. Analytics
  9. Analyze Data
  10. Analysing Data
  11. Annual Budget
  12. Asset Management
  13. External Partners
  14. Finance
  15. Financial Analysis
  16. Financial Management
  17. Financial Performance
  18. General Ledger
  19. Governance
  20. Internal Audit
  21. Internal Controls
  22. Internal Customers
  23. Internal Stakeholders
  24. International
  25. Inventory
  26. Inventory Management
  27. Investigate
  28. Investigation
  29. Invoices
  30. Invoicing
  31. Journal Entries
  32. Law Enforcement
  33. Leadership Development
  34. MIS
  35. Mortgage
  36. Non-profit
  37. Partnership
  38. Partnerships
  39. Payments
  40. Payroll
  41. Physical Security
  42. PMP
  43. Project Planning
  44. Proposal
  45. Prospecting
  46. Purchase Orders
  47. Purchasing
  48. Real Estate
  49. Reconcile
  50. Reconciliation
  51. Regulations
  52. Relationship Management
  53. Reporting
  54. Revenue Growth
  55. RFP
  56. RFPs
  57. Risk Assessment
  58. Risk Assessments
  59. Risk Management
  60. Security Clearance
  61. Small Business
  62. Spreadsheets
  63. Statistical Analysis
  64. Statistics
  65. Strategic Direction
  66. Strategic Initiatives
  67. Strategic Planning
  68. Strategic Plans
  69. Strategy
  70. Tableau
  71. Tax
  72. Technical Knowledge
  73. Transactions
  74. Underwriting
  75. Vendor Management
  76. Vendors

Customer Service, Retail, Human Resources, Tourism

  1. Billing
  2. Build Relationships
  3. Client Relationships
  4. Client Service
  5. Consumers
  6. Customer Experience
  7. Customer Requirements
  8. Customer Service
  9. Employee Relations
  10. Filing
  11. Help Desk
  12. Hospitality
  13. Hotel
  14. Hotels
  15. Human Resource
  16. Human Resources
  17. Immigration
  18. In-store
  19. Internship
  20. Media Relations
  21. Office Software
  22. On-boarding
  23. Outreach
  24. PeopleSoft
  25. Performance Metrics
  26. Phone Calls
  27. Retail
  28. Sales
  29. Sales Experience
  30. Sales Goals
  31. Sales Operations
  32. Salesforce
  33. Staffing
  34. Supervising
  35. Supervisory Experience
  36. Support Services
  37. Talent Acquisition
  38. Talent Management
  39. Travel
  40. Travel Arrangements


  1. Admissions
  2. Biology
  3. Chemistry
  4. Coaching
  5. Computer Science
  6. Computer Software
  7. Counsel
  8. Counselling
  9. Fundraising
  10. German
  11. Higher Education
  12. Mathematics
  13. Physics
  14. Program Development
  15. Public Relations
  16. Recruiting
  17. Recruitment
  18. Relationship Building
  19. Research Projects
  20. Researching
  21. Spelling
  22. Sports
  23. Teaching
  24. Training
  25. Writing

Health Care, Medicine

  1. CPR
  2. FDA
  3. Fitness
  4. Health
  5. Healthcare
  6. Hospital
  7. Logistics
  8. Medical Device
  9. Nursing
  10. On-call
  11. Ordering
  12. Pharmaceutical
  13. Pharmacy
  14. Presentation
  15. Psychology
  16. Public Health
  17. Public Policy
  18. Safety
  19. Therapeutic

Information Technology, Computer Science

  1. Android
  2. Architecture
  3. Architectures
  4. Audio
  5. AutoCAD
  6. AWS
  7. Big Data
  8. Business Analysis
  9. Business Continuity
  10. C (Programming Language)
  11. C#
  12. C++
  13. CAD
  14. Certification
  15. Cisco
  16. Cloud
  17. Compliance
  18. Computer Applications
  19. Computer Science
  20. Controls
  21. CSS
  22. D (Programming Language)
  23. Data Center
  24. Data Collection
  25. Data Entry
  26. Data Management
  27. Database
  28. Datasets
  29. Design
  30. Development Activities
  31. Digital Marketing
  32. IDEAS
  33. Information Management
  34. Information Security
  35. Information Technology
  36. Intranet
  37. iOS
  38. Mechanical Engineering
  39. Migration
  40. Mobile
  41. Modelling
  42. Networking
  43. Operations Management
  44. Oracle
  45. Program Management
  46. Programming
  47. Protocols
  48. Prototype
  49. Python
  50. Quality Assurance
  51. Real-time

Manufacturing, Transportation

  1. Audit
  2. Auditing
  3. Automation
  4. Aviation
  5. Budget
  6. Budget Management
  7. Budgeting
  8. Chemicals
  9. Circuits
  10. Construction
  11. Cost Reduction
  12. Cross-functional Team
  13. Distribution
  14. Documentation
  15. Documenting
  16. Drafting
  17. Drawings
  18. Driving Record
  19. Electrical
  20. Electrical Engineering
  21. Electronics
  22. Engineering
  23. Fabrication
  24. Installation
  25. Instructional Design
  26. Instrumentation
  27. Inventory
  28. Inventory Management
  29. ISO
  30. Life Cycle
  31. Lifecycle
  32. Manage Projects
  33. Management Experience
  34. Mining
  35. Operations
  36. Standard Operating Procedures
  37. Supply Chain
  38. Supply Chain Management
  39. Transport
  40. Transportation
  41. Valid Driver's Licence
  42. Vendor Management
  43. Warehouse
  44. Workflows

Marketing, Media, Publishing, Graphic Design

  1. Acquisitions
  2. Administrative Support
  3. Adobe
  4. Adobe Creative Suite
  5. Advertising
  6. Affiliate
  7. Agile
  8. Algorithms
  9. Alliances
  10. Analytical
  11. Analytical Skills
  12. Analytics
  13. Analyze Data
  14. Analysing Data
  15. API
  16. APIs
  17. Automation
  18. Benchmark
  19. BI
  20. Brand
  21. Branding
  22. Broadcast
  23. Budgeting
  24. Build Relationships
  25. Business Analysis
  26. Business Continuity
  27. Business Development
  28. Business Intelligence
  29. Content
  30. Continuous Improvement
  31. Contract Management
  32. Conversion
  33. Correspondence
  34. Counselling
  35. CPG
  36. CRM
  37. Cross-functional Team
  38. Customer Experience
  39. Daily Operations


In a rapidly evolving job market, mastering the art of crafting an ATS resume isn’t just an option; it's a necessity. With over 200 top resume keywords for 2023, you now possess a powerful tool to enhance your job search journey. Remember, your resume is your first impression on employers, and by incorporating these carefully chosen keywords, you're taking a giant leap towards ensuring that your application gets noticed. So, use this knowledge wisely, and watch as your resume shines in the eyes of ATS systems and hiring managers alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Software Provides Free ATS Resume Scans?

One popular software that provides a free ATS resume scan is "Jobscan." You can use their online tool to upload your resume and the job description, and it will analyze how well your resume matches the job's requirements.

Where To Find Free Ats Resume Templates?

You can find free ATS-friendly resume templates on websites like Canva, Resume Genius, Jobscan, and Microsoft Word.

How Long Do Employers Typically Look At Resumes?

Employers typically spend an average of 6 to 10 seconds reviewing each resume.

How Can I Improve My ATS Score?

To improve your ATS score, use relevant keywords from the job description in your resume, avoid using complex formatting, and submit your resume in a compatible file format (usually .docx or .pdf).

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