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Updated on 01/26/2023


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Words have the power to uplift or motivate millions of people because of their true essence. Having the ability to say such inspiring words is a great skill that can add value to others’ lives. Motivational speakers have the talent to share their life lessons in stories that encourage people to change the way they live their lives for the better. If you want to know how to become a great motivational speaker or how to become a certified motivational speaker, then keep reading to find out more, and equally be on the lookout for these relevant skills below.

When you are young and have achieved something in life, you want the world to hear your success story which often than not inspires a lot of people to become motivational speakers. Being a motivational speaker means delivering speeches and including words aimed at inspiring and motivating the audience. Discussing topics that are inspirational, enthusiastic, and passionate with unique skills and positive influences helps motivational speakers to be recognized as inspirational.

How do you become a motivational speaker and reap the many benefits it offers? Keep reading to find out more!

Types of Motivational Speakers


Asking questions like how to become a motivational speaker and what kinds of options you have in this field is important. Motivational speakers are of different types and vary based on the theme of the life lessons they share and the field of expertise in which they hold more experience. Some important types of motivational speakers we commonly find include the following:

  • Personal: Personal motivational speakers utilize happenings and incidents from their life experiences. They use their own experiences to formulate stories that empower others. 

  • Business: Most often we see businesses hiring motivational speakers to motivate their employees, managers, and other stakeholders. With their business expertise, business motivational speakers can coach and train employees to achieve their personal as well as organizational goals. They also help those who want to start their business from scratch but hesitate in doing so.

  • Education: The primary source of motivation for all children is their teacher. From an early age, teachers play their role as a great motivating force by delivering speeches and sharing words of wisdom that can uplift students. Their words have the power to influence the future leaders of tomorrow. 

  • Sport: In the field of sports, skilled motivational speakers are highly significant in boosting the morale and self-esteem of athletes so that they can push their limits and strive for success.

  • Politics: Most often, we see politicians playing the role of motivational speakers as they use their skills to gain support from the general public. Their speeches can rile people to action for supporting their cause.

             Skills That Make a Motivational Speaker

While exploring how to become a motivational speaker, you must pay heed to the skills needed for this career choice. Like every profession, a motivational speaker also requires a varied set of skills. A proficient motivational speaker must possess certain skills because his/her words will be heard by the masses and will have the power to influence the many people that surround him. Some of the important skills and expertise that every motivational speaker should have are mentioned below:

  • Confidence

Confidence is a necessary skill needed to stand in front of a large audience and deliver a speech. One should be able to narrate their message without nervousness and confusion such that the audience is also receptive to that message. Stage fright and performance anxiety can be overcome with practice and gaining confidence.

  • Passion 

How to become an inspirational speaker can be a trick question. A speaker can only successfully engage and inspire the audience by delivering enthusiasm when he/she himself/herself is passionate about it. This passion can be sensed through the speaker’s voice, delivery of words, and body language. 

  • Communication Style

If you are looking for the answer on how to become a motivational speaker for youths, know that communication is key. An ideal communication style gives the speaker an image of being easygoing, approachable, and friendly. This style is important because it equally helps the audience to focus on non-verbal cues in addition to verbal messages. 

  • Compelling Presence

Some people have a compelling presence that quickly gains the audience's attention in a room. Having this skill can make people listen to you and cause them to be more attentive to what you are saying. 

  • A Dash of Humor

Humor can be used as a tool to break the ice and put the audience at ease. A good motivational speaker can easily identify when there is a need to lighten the mood and alert the otherwise absent-minded audience. Laughter can equally make a powerful message digest easily. 

  • Time Management

A speaker should have good time management ability. Time must be efficiently utilized by clearly setting the durations for the introduction, middle, and end so that the whole message is delivered, and no important information is left out. Practicing the speech with a timer is a good way to start working on time management.

  • Writing Persuasive Speeches

You need to have the skills to draft compelling authentic and motivational narratives. The speech's message should come from your heart as this will help you to connect with the target audience. The story should be able to captivate all of the listener’s attention.

Why are Motivational Speakers Important? 

Before proceeding with finding answers on how to become a motivational speaker, you must understand the relevance of this career. Motivational speakers are important as they help to inspire and motivate people to live their lives as better versions of themselves. Individuals who are struggling in their lives with home or workplace issues find hope in listening to these motivational speakers who narrate their stories of how they overcame challenges in their lives.

By listening to the speakers’ inspiring story, the listeners get the realization that they are not alone in fighting difficult battles. Words of wisdom and encouragement from motivational speakers give hope and comfort that problems can be diminished, and battles can be won.

How To Become a Motivational Speaker?

People who have the desire to share the stories of their success can become motivational speakers. Motivational speakers can be from any background or profession. Encouraged by the happenings and experiences in their lives, these individuals want to turn their unique lessons into full-time careers as motivational speakers.

Becoming a motivational speaker requires effort or you may say a little homework. Practice delivering your message in different ways to develop an engaging and appealing presentation style. You can network with industry professionals in your field to build your credibility. If you are wondering how to become a motivational speaker or how to be paid as a motivational speaker, then this section is for you. The following are some important steps that can help you kick off your career as a motivational speaker. 

  1. Select Your Topic

The first thing to do is to select a topic you want to talk about. The more knowledgeable you are about the topic the better it is. Make a list of subjects and topics that you are passionate about and of which you have stories to tell. 

The topic can be anything, a problem you overcame, a disease you struggled with, or a life with some disability. It can also be a business success story, the parenting style of our parents, or even the importance of discipline in everyday life. It is up to the speaker to first do an analysis of his/her audience and then draft a topic that is based on a theme that will excite them. 

Next, narrow down the topic into something more manageable for you to talk about. It should be something unique so that it stands out or something ordinary so that more people can relate to it. The more specific the topic is, the easier it is to target the audience. 

  1. Know Your Main Message

After having selected the topic, the next step is determining the contents of the presentation.  Select the exact message you wish to deliver that relates to the chosen topic. What message you will deliver to your audience is what will make you connect with them. The message should be communicated by the speaker and understood by the audience. A simple message can increase audience knowledge or call them to action. 

  1. Develop Unique Content

The next step is to write down the content to be delivered. Inculcate new ideas to make it unique. People enjoy learning new ideas. Keep a look out for the information that is already out in the world and reflect on your version of information to greatly appeal to the audience who have little to no knowledge about it.

  1. Understand your Target Audience

It is important to understand and know your audience as they are at the receiving end. Search to know all about your target audience so you can better connect and create content that is tailored to them. 

  1. Gauge Public Interest with Online Presence

Social media has made it easy to communicate and connect with people from all around the world. Make your presence known by writing original content in the form of quotes, vlogs, short videos, or e-books. Use the platform to test new content ideas and get direct feedback on your content. It is always a good idea to utilize criticism, if any, to improve yourself.

  1. Develop Public Speaking Skills

If the question of how to become a motivational public speaker is puzzling you, then know that the most important part is the delivery of the message. Developing public speaking skills is important as it can help you to present in a way that the message is clearly and efficiently conveyed and understood. Moreover, the audience stays receptive and attentive till the end of the message if the motivational speaker has good body language. It is always good practice to take courses or practice by yourself to brush up on your public speaking skills. 

  1. Start for free

Initially, When you are working on how to become a motivational speaker, start delivering speeches for free that will inspire local organizations and schools. Through this, you can slowly get recognized and build an audience for your work. Also, through this step, you can gain practical experience as a motivational speaker.

  1. Invest in Marketing

To reach a larger audience, invest in hiring a professional marketer. Network with friends, family, and professionals to spread the word that you are actively delivering motivational speeches. Word of mouth is a good source to market yourself. Continue to produce original content and keep engaging on social media to show you are an expert on the subject.

The Bottom Line

One does not become a motivational speaker overnight. It takes time, effort, determination, and motivation. If you have the drive and the skills, you can surely inspire others to lead better and more successful lives. Before going down this career path, it is always good to look into the steps and guidelines on how to become a motivational speaker.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Motivational Speaking

   What qualifications do you need to become a motivational speaker?

There are a few qualifications required to become a motivational speaker. One should possess the ability to share their perspective on life, have the skills to engage with a large audience, and have the ability to positively influence and motivate others. These skills can be easily learned through practice sessions or online/physical courses. 

    Can anyone be a motivational speaker?

Yes, anyone can become a motivational speaker. If you possess the skills required for public speaking and want to share your stories to uplift others, you can become a motivational speaker regardless of your educational and academic background. The only important thing is that you must be passionate enough and must have the willingness to help people overcome difficulties.

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