27 Christmas Jobs You Can Do To Make Some Extra Income This Year

Updated on 11/29/2023


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Are you ready to turn this festive season into an opportunity for extra earnings? Imagine having the means to make this Christmas not only joyful but financially rewarding as well. In a world buzzing with seasonal opportunities, the question arises: What if your Christmas celebrations could be not just about giving and receiving but also about earning? In this blog post, we’ll explore a list of 30 lucrative Christmas jobs that can be your ticket to an income boost during the holiday season.

  1.  Mall Santa

Average Hourly Pay: $21.54

Being a mall Santa could be a good choice if you're considering high-paying Christmas work. Malls set up magical spots where kids and adults can meet Santa. You can make a good amount of money, some even earning up to $500 per hour! To do this, you'll need to pass a background check and be a cheerful person.

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  1.  Retail Worker

Average Hourly Pay: $12.03

While it might not be the fanciest job, many retail positions are available. Companies start hiring temporary staff early for the Christmas rush. If you have good conflict resolution and customer service skills, you might get a permanent position after the holiday.

  1.  Personal Shopper

Average Hourly Pay: $12.57

If you enjoy shopping, consider becoming a personal shopper for Christmas jobs. You can earn money while helping people find the perfect gifts during the Christmas season.

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  1.  Window Decorator

Average Hourly Pay: $17.08

If you're artistic, Christmas decorator jobs could be a great option. You can work as a freelancer, decorating clients' windows with snow-spray art, or work for a store decorating their festive displays. Creative thinking and the right tools are essential.

  1. Customer Service Representative

Average Hourly Pay: $17.75

If you have excellent customer service skills, consider becoming a customer service representative during Christmas. You'll handle inquiries about packages, product issues, and complaints. Some companies even offer remote positions so that you can work from home in cozy Christmas socks.

  1.  Christmas Elf

Average Hourly Pay: $19

As a Christmas elf, you are tasked with assisting Santa and keeping kids in line as they wait to see him. Your goal is to spread joy to families and ensure they leave in the Christmas spirit. A criminal background check may be required for these Christmas seasonal jobs, and singing merry songs is a bonus.

  1.  Ski Instructor

Average Hourly Pay: $15.59

If you like working abroad, becoming a ski instructor could be an option. You'll need a Level 1 Ski Instructor qualification recognized by the International Ski Instructor's Association. Other roles, such as leadership and customer service, may also be available at ski resorts.

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  1.  Ice-Skating Instructor

Average Hourly Pay: $29

If you're skilled on the ice, consider becoming an ice-skating instructor. Temporary ice rinks are common during the winter, making it a lucrative time for qualified coaches.

  1.  Butcher

Average Hourly Pay: $15.06

With the festive season's abundance of meats, butchers play a crucial role. You don't need specific qualifications, but on-the-job training and knowledge of food safety regulations are essential.

  1.  Christmas Cracker Joke Writer

Average Hourly Pay: $20.73

You might enjoy your Christmas break job role as Christmas cracker joke writers if you're a wordsmith. You just need to bring some originality to the jokes found in those festive crackers.

  1.  Christmas Tree Decorator

Average Hourly Pay: $15.41

Under the broader category of merchandise display and window trimmer, Christmas tree decorators arrange ornaments and decorations. This role might be a perfect fit if you have good attention-to-detail skills.

  1.  Delivery Driver

Average Hourly Pay: $15.96

With the rise of online shopping, delivery drivers are in demand. Companies like FedEx and Amazon hire extra staff during the holidays. Many temporary Christmas jobs can lead to permanent employment.

  1.  Uber Driver

Average Hourly Pay: $18.05

If you have a driver's licence, consider working for Uber during the winter months. With this taxi service app, you can choose when you want to work. You could even add Christmas decorations to your car to boost your ratings and tips. You'll drive people to Christmas parties, and earnings are higher this season, making it a good option for extra part-time income.

  1.  Makeup Artist

Average Hourly Pay: $18.57

During the festive season, people love glitzy makeup and sparkling outfits. If you're skilled with makeup, use your talent to help others look their best. You don't need specific qualifications, but staying updated on current trends is essential. Taking a makeup artistry course can enhance your skills.

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  1.  Pet Sitter

Average Hourly Pay: $16

While pet sitting is a year-round business, it's especially busy during the festive period when people travel. Pet sitters take care of clients' pets while away, either by staying in their homes or visiting them regularly.

  1.  Reindeer Handler

Average Hourly Pay: $14.32

If you're fascinated by reindeer, consider becoming a reindeer handler. Your responsibilities include caring for the animals, feeding them, cleaning their stalls, and transporting them to events during the Christmas period.

  1.  Lumberjack

Average Hourly Pay: $21.84

The winter season is busy for loggers as they provide the logs for open fires. It's a physically demanding and risky job, but it's also rewarding, knowing you're contributing to the warmth and coziness of homes during Christmas.

  1.  Tour Guide

Average Hourly Pay: $15.96

With an influx of winter tourists, becoming a seasonal tour guide is a great opportunity. Depending on your location, you can work for a local tour operator or freelance, showcasing snowy mountains or sunny beaches.

  1.  Food Tester

Average Hourly Pay: $35.66

If you're a foodie, consider becoming a food tester for grocery stores. Taste test Christmas puddings and other festive treats to ensure they meet quality standards.

  1.  Choirmaster

Average Hourly Pay: $23.62

Bring the joy of music to your workplace by becoming a choirmaster during Christmas. If you have experience working with choirs, this is a perfect time to contribute your musical talents.

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  1.  Christmas Tree Seller

Average Hourly Pay: $10.05

If you can distinguish between different Christmas tree types, consider becoming a Christmas tree seller. With this role, you can help families find the right tree, guiding them on size and species. It's a significant industry, with millions of trees sold yearly in the US.

  1.  Bartender

Average Hourly Pay: $14.59

Christmas markets and food festivals are abundant during this time of year. As a bartender, you can serve festive cocktails and specialties. If you want to set up your pop-up stall, check and apply for a temporary liquor permit.

  1.  Package Handler

Average Hourly Pay: $14.88

With people sending gifts globally, mailrooms are bustling. Package handlers are crucial in sorting and ensuring packages reach their destinations. There's often a high demand for this role leading up to Christmas, providing an opportunity to earn extra income.

  1.  Mince Pie Chef

Average Hourly Pay: $15.57

If you're a skilled baker, consider becoming a mince pie chef during the festive season. If you want to make it a more permanent gig, explore the path of becoming a pastry chef. Alternatively, you can sell your delicious creations locally for extra Christmas money.

  1.  Gift Wrapper

Average Hourly Pay: $16.64

If you enjoy wrapping presents, this temporary job could be perfect. Some major stores hire professional wrappers to train their staff to wrap gifts to high standards. You'll need a little extra flair to stand out inorder to get hired.

  1.  Christmas Photographer

Average Hourly Pay: $18.73

Photographers are in high demand for family photos, Christmas cards, and office party photo booths during the festive period. If you have photography skills, consider offering festive packages with backdrops to capture the holiday spirit and earn money.

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  1.  Christmas Card Designer

Average Hourly Pay: $25.14

If you're an artist or graphic designer, utilize your talents to design holiday cards. You can sell them online through platforms like Instagram or Etsy, collaborate with local businesses, or create a portfolio featuring your designs. Custom designs and ecards are also great options.


After going through this comprehensive guide on lucrative Christmas jobs, you can boost your income during the festive season if you possess any of the above mentioned skills. Whether you're looking to tap into the retail rush, explore creative avenues, or leverage your skills uniquely, these holiday gigs provide diverse options. So, seize the moment, explore the possibilities, and financially reward this Christmas season with these 27 Christmas jobs. Happy holidays and happy earnings!

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