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Updated on 11/13/2023


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Are you searching for an exciting entry point into the world of retail? Do you dream of starting a dynamic career path that offers diverse opportunities for growth and advancement? If so, then look no further. In this blog, we’ve curated a comprehensive list of 17 highly lucrative entry-level retail jobs near me that offer not just competitive salaries but also invaluable experiences and skill development prospects. So, let’s step ahead towards a bright career:

Top 17 High-Paying Jobs in Retail Hiring

Here's a list of 17 well-paying retail jobs near me that will prove to be a highly rewarding career:

1. Beauty consultant

Average salary: $35,026 per year

Primary duties: They assist customers in selecting makeup and hair products, often at makeup counters in department stores or specialized retail locations for beauty brands.

2. Pharmacy technician

National average salary: $36,430 per year

Primary duties: They prepare and dispense medications, answer customer queries, and manage insurance information in retail pharmacies inside drug stores or larger retail establishments.

3. Store manager

National average salary: $45,235 per year

Primary duties: They hire, train, and supervise retail store staff, monitor activities and manage budgets.

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4. Retail manager

National average salary: $45,604 per year

Primary duties: They hire, train, supervise, and manage store operations, ensuring customer satisfaction and meeting sales goals.

5. Customer service supervisor

National average salary: $45,741 per year

Primary duties: They manage customer service operations, hire and train professionals, and handle customer inquiries and complaints.

6. Retail adviser

National average salary: $49,379 per year

Primary duties: They assist customers in finding products and ensuring a positive shopping experience, often making sales recommendations.

7. Loss prevention manager

National average salary: $50,790 per year

Primary duties: They minimize merchandise loss due to theft and damage, train employees on safety, and monitor store security.

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8. Sales associate

National average salary: $52,967 per year

Primary duties: They assist customers, manage transactions, and ensure a seamless shopping experience.

9. Retail account manager

National average salary: $54,174 per year

Primary duties: They sell merchandise to retail companies and maintain client relationships.

10. General manager

National average salary: $59,019 per year

Primary duties: They coordinate across multiple departments and locations, oversee staff, and manage administrative tasks.

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11. Hair Stylist

National average salary: $59,172 per year

Primary duties: They provide various hair grooming services and offer product recommendations.

12. Buyer/Planner

National average salary: $60,596 per year

Primary duties: They purchase goods for the store, manage relationships with vendors, and oversee deliveries.

13. Franchise manager

National average salary: $61,219 per year

Primary duties: They oversee a company's franchising efforts and support franchise owners.

14. Human resources manager

National average salary: $69,451 per year

Primary duties: They support all organization members and oversee the hiring process.

15. Regional manager

National average salary: $69,972 per year

Primary duties: They supervise operations across multiple stores, ensuring compliance and managing budgets.

16. Purchasing manager

National average salary: $70,342 per year

Primary duties: They manage supplier relationships and oversee product quality.

17. Merchandiser

National average salary: $72,519 per year

Primary duties: in this retail job, you must coordinate with retail staff to optimize product display and maximize sales.

What Skills Are Required for Jobs in Retail Hiring?

Working in retail can equip you with various transferable skills. These include:

  • Sales: You might encounter customers who are uncertain about a purchase. Using your product knowledge and persuasion, you can influence customers to purchase.
  • Multitasking: Besides interacting with the public, retail workers often juggle multiple administrative tasks. Employing multitasking skills allows you to handle each task while managing other duties.
  • Time management: It is essential to complete your tasks within specified timeframes efficiently.

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  • Accounting skills: Depending on your role in retail jobs near me, you may manage accounting tasks, including overseeing financial documents, and taxes, generating reports, and monitoring inventory.
  • Interpersonal skills: As a significant portion of your day involves interacting with customers and colleagues, having strong communication, active listening, and negotiation skills can enhance customer service and foster a positive workplace.
  • Conflict resolution: Dealing with the public means encountering disgruntled individuals occasionally. Resolving conflicts can reduce stress and encourage customers to revisit the store.
  • Problem-solving skills: Challenges can arise unexpectedly, such as stock shortages, shoplifting incidents, technical malfunctions, and delayed deliveries. Possessing problem-solving skills enables you to handle these situations calmly and efficiently.

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Retail Worker Responsibilities

If the skills and qualities above resonate with you, a role in retail might be a good fit. If you are considering a retail job hiring near me, understanding what employers expect from you is crucial. Some of the daily responsibilities of a retail worker may include:

  1. Greeting customers
  2. Managing customer complaints
  3. Assisting customers with their purchases
  4. Processing returns or exchanges
  5. Maintaining inventory levels
  6. Ensuring that product displays are well-stocked
  7. Keeping the store clean and organized
  8. Operating point-of-sale systems for customer checkouts.


Retail jobs present many lucrative opportunities for those seeking a dynamic and fulfilling career path. From sales associates to purchasing managers, each role offers valuable experience and growth potential, making it an ideal starting point for those looking to establish a strong foundation in the retail industry. With the right attitude, dedication, and a willingness to learn, retail jobs near me can serve as stepping stones toward long-term success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Retail Jobs?

Retail jobs refer to employment positions within the retail industry, which involve the sale of goods and services directly to consumers. These positions can range from customer service roles to managerial positions, depending on the specific responsibilities.

What is considered a Retail Job?

The retail job market can vary depending on the region and the current economic climate. Generally, it can offer various opportunities, from entry-level positions for those with little to no experience to specialized roles for people with specific skills. Examples of retail jobs include retail adviser, purchasing manager, pharmacy technician, hair stylist, retail manager, customer service adviser, sales associate, loss prevention manager, merchandiser, and human resource manager.

What To Wear To A Retail Job Interview?

For a retail job interview, you must dress professionally yet in a manner that reflects the company's brand and style. Opt for business-casual attire that is clean, well-fitted, and reflects a polished and put-together appearance.

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