What Companies Are In The Transportation Field in 2024?

Updated on 07/05/2024


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  1. The transportation industry covers various services, from airport transfers and nationwide cargo shipping to global passengers.
  2. Companies in the transport and logistics field are highly responsive to economic shifts.
  3. Numerous large companies operate within this sector, such as BNSF Railway, CEVA Logistics, GEODIS, and United Airlines.
  4. The transportation field offers many job roles, from truck drivers and forklift operators to customer service representatives and pilots.

Transportation plays a vital role in our daily lives, making the transportation industry one of the largest and most diverse worldwide. From taxis and ride-sharing services to cargo ships and airlines, many companies operate within this sector.

Whether you need airport transfers, nationwide cargo shipping, or global passenger and freight logistics, the transportation industry offers many solutions. In this article, we’ll explore what companies are in the transportation field, providing insights into their diverse service offerings.

What is the Transport Field?

The transport field, the transport and logistics industry, provides services for moving goods and people. As globalization has expanded, the transportation field in America has become a crucial part of the global economy, employing millions worldwide.

Companies in this industry are typically very responsive to economic shifts, such as changes in fuel prices or labor costs. Various organizations operate in transport and logistics, including airlines, trucking, and shipping firms.

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What Companies Are In The Transportation Field In USA?

The transportation field is home to many thriving companies, both publicly and privately owned. Here are some types of transport companies with over 500 employees:

  1.  BNSF Railway

Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas

Size: More than 10,000 employees

Description: BNSF Railway is one of the leading railway systems in the U.S., covering 32,500 route miles across 28 states and two Canadian provinces. Its subsidiary, BNSF Logistics, offers third-party logistics (3PL) support throughout North America. Job opportunities include track maintenance, locomotive engineer, conductor trainee, railcar repair, and bridge operator.

  1.  CEVA Logistics

Headquarters: Rockville, Maryland (with official HQ in Marseille, France)

Size: More than 10,000 employees

Description: Founded in 1986, CEVA Logistics provides supply chain solutions, distribution, and global freight management. Roles include forklift operators, material handlers, and quality clerks.

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  1.  GEODIS

Headquarters: Brentwood, Tennessee (main HQ in Levallois-Perret, France)

Size: More than 10,000 employees

Description: GEODIS, a global leader in transportation and logistics since 1911, offers supply chain optimization, freight forwarding, and contract logistics. Benefits include health and wellness packages, 401(k) plans, and flexible schedules. Available positions include customer service representative, transportation planner, and quality assurance supervisor.

  1.  GXO Logistics

Headquarters: Greenwich, Connecticut

Size: More than 10,000 employees

Description: Founded in 2021, GXO Logistics helps businesses grow their supply chains, working with industries like e-commerce and aerospace. Job opportunities include driver, forklift operator, customer service representative, security, and inventory specialist.

  1.  Halliburton

Headquarters: Houston, Texas

Size: More than 10,000 employees

Description: Halliburton, established in 1919, is prominent in oil transportation and innovative technology for sustainable energy. Career opportunities include being a production welder, logging geologist, and treater driver.

  1.  J.B. Hunt

Headquarters: Lowell, Arkansas

Size: More than 10,000 employees

Description: Founded in 1961, J.B. Hunt is one of North America's largest trucking companies, employing over 35,000 people in 400 facilities. Available roles include transportation manager, local truck driver, and installation and maintenance technician.

  1.  Kenco Group

Headquarters: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Size: 1,001 to 5,000 employees

Description: Founded in 1950, Kenco Group is the largest woman-owned third-party logistics company in the U.S. The company provides transportation, distribution, material handling, e-commerce, and fulfillment services. Kenco offers careers such as delivery drivers, regional transportation managers, forklift operators, and inventory control supervisors.

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  1.  Lyft

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Size: 5,001 to 10,000 employees

Description: Created in 2012 by Logan Green and John Zimmer, Lyft is a widely-used ride-sharing app in the U.S. and select cities in Canada. The company also offers biking and electric scooter services. Job positions at Lyft include strategic partner manager, business operations manager, driver, and tax manager.

  1.  Ryder System

Headquarters: Miami, Florida

Size: More than 10,000 employees

Description: Founded by Jim Ryder in 1933, Ryder System started as a concrete hauling business. Today, it is a Fortune 500 company providing transportation, logistics, and supply chain solutions. Ryder offers leasing, renting, and maintaining trucks, tractors, and trailers. Career opportunities include home delivery carrier, case picker, and call center representative.

  1.  Swift Transportation

Headquarters: Phoenix, Arizona

Size: More than 10,000 employees

Description: Established in 1966 by Jerry Moyes and his father with just one truck, Swift Transportation now has over 40 major terminals across the U.S. and Mexico. They offer a truck driving school for beginners. Available roles include truck driver, customer account representative, and operations support specialist.

  1.  United Airlines

Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois

Size: More than 10,000 employees

Description: Founded by aviation pioneer Walter Varney in 1926, United Airlines is one of the world's largest airlines, operating out of seven U.S. hubs and employing nearly 90,000 people. Career options include ground service equipment technician, flight attendant, pilot, and flight dispatcher.

  1.  United Parcel Service (UPS)

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia

Size: More than 10,000 employees

Description: Founded in 1907 in Seattle, Washington, by two teenagers, UPS is one of the largest package delivery services in the nation. Initially named the American Messenger Company, it specialized in telegraphs. UPS offers part- and full-time roles such as drivers, salespersons, and supervisors.

  1.  Werner Enterprises

Headquarters: Omaha, Nebraska

Size: More than 10,000 employees

Description: Established in 1956, Werner Enterprises is one of the largest trucking companies in the U.S., serving customers nationwide, in Canada and Mexico. Werner offers a Professional Truck Driver Apprenticeship and assists veterans in transitioning to civilian jobs. Career opportunities include drivers, spotters, truckload brokers, and freight managers.

  1.  Western Express

Headquarters: Nashville, Tennessee

Size: 1,001 to 5,000 employees

Description: Founded in 1991, Western Express is a privately owned, asset-based truckload carrier with several terminals nationwide. The company focuses on innovative transportation solutions and exceeding customer expectations. Services include web-based invoices and proof of delivery documentation. Job positions include road instructors, truck drivers, diesel technicians, and truck detailers.

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The transportation industry is a cornerstone of our global economy, providing essential services that keep goods and people moving. For those wondering "what companies are in the transportation field," the sector includes major players like BNSF Railway, CEVA Logistics, GEODIS, and United Airlines. As globalization expands, the transportation sector will undoubtedly play an increasingly critical role in connecting the world and supporting economic growth.

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