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Updated on 10/03/2023


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Are great leaders born, or can leadership be learned? This timeless question has intrigued countless people and organisations alike. In a world where effective leadership can make or break success, understanding the intricacies of leadership training is paramount. So, how can you harness the power of leadership development to propel yourself or your team to new heights? To guide you, we’ve mentioned top-notch leadership training programs in this article. Also, we’ll explore the benefits of investing in leadership training programs and what skills are required to become a leader. So, let’s discover more about leadership training.

What Are Leadership Training?

Leadership training, often called management courses, comprises specialised programs crafted to assist leaders in acquiring fresh leadership techniques and honing their existing skills for effective team management. These crucial skills encompass assertive communication, motivational strategies, automated quality management, and adept coaching.


Leadership training is invaluable for individuals in supervisory roles, from newly promoted to seasoned managers seeking to maintain their competitive edge.

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What are the Benefits of Leadership Training?

The premier leadership training programs offer numerous advantages. They identify and refine the essential expertise required to become an effective leader. Opting for the right training program, such as a job guarantee program, empowers you to develop the skills necessary for advancing your leadership career, including the ability to:

  1. Enhance productivity
  2. Boost engagement
  3. Reduce turnover
  4. Influence team members
  5. Navigate negotiations
  6. Handle conflicts adeptly
  7. Implement effective strategies
  8. Foster team cohesion
  9. Make critical decisions with precision

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How to Select the Ideal Leadership Training Program?

Choosing a leadership training program hinges on your unique needs as a leader and your career aspirations. To aid you in this selection process, here are some steps to consider:

  • Evaluate Your Skills: If you excel in specific leadership areas but face challenges in others, seek out a program tailored to your specific difficulties.
  • Assess Your Experience: A comprehensive program or leadership academy encompassing various skills can benefit novice leaders.
  • Research Instructors and Courses: Look for leadership training programs that offer networking opportunities and situational leadership training opportunities with fellow professionals. This enables you to get insights from their expertise and study real-world examples of successful leadership.
  • Define Your Leadership Style: Different programs may cater to distinct leadership styles. Find one that aligns with the style you wish to adopt.
  • Set Your Leadership Goals: Ultimately, a reputable training program should equip you for success, impart invaluable skills, and assist you in crystallising your vision of leadership.

Top-Notch Leadership Training Programs

If you're eager to enhance your leadership skills through formal training, consider these esteemed programs, presented in alphabetical order:

1. Dale Carnegie: Inspired Executive Leadership Training

Dale Carnegie, a renowned training company, offers a range of programs specialising in "Inspired Executive Leadership Training." In these modules, instructors provide education and resources tailored to cultivate exceptional leaders.

The training aims to empower leaders to explore innovative methods for team engagement and cohesion while developing workforces that thrive in the face of challenges.

The key objectives include improving collaboration, enhancing communication, achieving set goals, nurturing a talent-retaining culture, and earning the loyalty and commitment of team members.

2. Global Knowledge

Global Knowledge is an online training resource that collaborates with leading technology organisations to offer education, resources, and training opportunities. One of its featured programs centres on leadership and training, providing courses designed to equip you with the skills needed to become an inspirational and dynamic leader.

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Additionally, other courses delve into strategy development, best practices application, and establishing more efficient processes. Some studies are conducted live in online classrooms with fellow participants, while others are available on-demand for flexibility.

3. Mind Tools

Mind Tools, an online resource, offers select content for free. Explore the site to access articles containing valuable insights on various topics, including emotional intelligence exercises, situational leadership approaches, and authentic leadership development. By joining the Mind Tools Club, you can access in-depth courses, including one focusing on 57 skills and techniques to enhance your leadership capabilities.

4. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT's Sloan School of Management presents a one-week, in-person training course titled "Building and Leading Effective Teams." This intensive program delves into the concepts underpinning natural leadership tendencies.

Participants engage in hands-on learning, experimenting to develop team-based and individual leadership skills. The course also emphasises enhancing support skills to assist team members more effectively and authentically.

5. OpenLearn

OpenLearn offers management and leadership courses freely accessible through the Open University's online resources. These courses cater to leaders at all levels, from those embarking on leadership roles to seasoned veterans.

OpenLearn courses help you make more efficient decisions, gain a new perspective on team dynamics, and refine your team management skills for the benefit of each team member.

6. Skillsoft

Skillsoft's leadership development program addresses the evolving needs of organisations in today's workforce. This program offers an engaging learning experience for modern learners. Many of the courses focus on the impact of the digital era on the contemporary workforce, covering topics like agility, virtual leadership, technology's role in leadership, disruption, and distraction management.

This unique program addresses leaders' daily challenges, particularly those overseeing teams of younger individuals who may grapple with engagement, disruption, and loyalty.

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Leadership Skills Your Organization Should Cultivate

Whether you are an office manager or a senior executive, effective leadership hinges on a solid foundation of soft skills that enable you to positively influence the behaviour of your colleagues and team members. Here are the crucial leadership skills your organisation should focus on developing:

  • Listening: The ability to shift your focus from yourself to others and actively strive to understand their needs. Exceptional listening builds trust with your team.
  • Loyalty: Good leaders prioritise the success of their team above all else. As Arnold H. Glasow wisely noted, "A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame and a little less than his share of the credit."
  • Respect: Effective leadership entails communicating and acting with respect and integrity. This fosters a leadership style centred on collaboration rather than authoritarianism.
  • Reliability: When team members view their manager as a reliable ally who consistently supports them, their motivation soars.

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  • Initiative: Leaders must be proactive, setting the team's direction, working toward company goals, anticipating problems, and proposing alternative solutions.
  • Passion: Great leaders are dedicated to their team's success, understand their motivations, and know how to inspire them to excel.
  • Enthusiasm: Leaders should radiate positivity and energy, encouraging others to adopt the same attitude. This facilitates buy-in for their ideas and motivates workers to brainstorm creative solutions during challenging situations.
  • Accomplishment: Being a remarkable leader entails setting an example for the team, consistently exploring new solutions, and exhausting all options before deeming something unachievable.
  • Strategic Thinking: Leaders should be able to step back from daily routines, connect current tasks with long-term objectives, and prioritise results over processes.
  • Support: Exceptional leaders should be readily available to address questions and resolve any issues that employees encounter.
  • Honesty: To succeed, leaders must cultivate authenticity and adopt a "what you see is what you get" approach, ensuring consistency between their words and actions.


Leadership training isn’t just a choice but a commitment to personal and professional growth. This guide has illuminated the critical skills required for effective leadership, highlighted the benefits of honing these abilities, and explored some of the most reputable leadership training programs available to help you achieve your leadership aspirations. So, embrace the path ahead, for it is not only a path to leadership but also a path to a brighter and more impactful future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Leadership Training Programs Suitable For All Career Levels?

Yes, leadership training programs cater to individuals at various career levels, from entry-level employees looking to develop leadership potential to experienced managers seeking to refine their skills.

What Is An Ideal Leadership Exercise?

An ideal leadership exercise is the "Team Building Challenge." In this exercise, participants are divided into teams and presented with a problem or challenge that requires collaboration, communication, and effective leadership.

How Long Do Leadership Training Programs Typically Last?

The duration of leadership training programs varies, but they often range from a few days to several weeks, depending on the depth and

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