26 Best Jobs for 15-Year-Olds to Make Money in No Time

Updated on 12/01/2023


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Have you ever wondered how your 15-year-old can kickstart their journey to financial independence? Whether it's saving for a dream toy or learning the value of hard-earned cash, young minds have numerous opportunities to explore. In this guide, we’ll explore 26 jobs tailored for 15-year-olds, opening a gateway for them to make money in no time. So, if you're keen to witness your child flourish in early entrepreneurship, continue reading this guide.

Online Jobs For 15-Year-Olds

  1.  Freelance Writer

You're never too young to embark on a writing journey. If your 15-year-old is passionate about the pen, freelance writing offers a great side hustle. They can explore various avenues:

  • Crafting fiction, from poetry to novels, with the goal of traditional or self-publishing.
  • Participating in junior writing competitions for potential cash prizes.
  • Submitting work to journals and magazines, earning commissions upon publication.

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  1.  Blogger

Similarly, blogging is an excellent online job for 15-year-olds who love writing. Your child can start their blog on a topic they're passionate about:

  • Cycling/scooter adventures.
  • Toy reviews.
  • Messy kitchen adventures with a food blog.
  • Exploring nature.
  • Reviewing favorite video games or TV shows.

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  1.  Photographer

Photography is a feasible job for 15-year-olds in the digital age. Using a smartphone or a borrowed camera, they can take captivating photos. You can help them sell their art online or submit it to stock photo sites for commissions.

  1.  YouTuber

While becoming a YouTube star is popular, it requires dedication. For a 15-year-old keen on this, they need:

  • Filming equipment
  • Video editing skills
  1.  Video Game Tester

Video game enthusiasts can get paid to test new games. A YouTube channel could be beneficial, but job posts seeking testers can also be found online.

  1.  T-Shirt and Accessories Designer

For creatively inclined 15-year-olds, designing T-shirts and accessories is a great option. They can upload designs to printing websites like Vistaprint or Custom Ink.

  1.  Online Store

Starting an Etsy store allows your child to sell creations. Whether it's art, crafted items, or upcycled furniture, you can lend a hand in setting up this side hustle.

  1.  Teaching Others

If you’re looking for jobs for 12-15-year-olds that pay well and you have a unique skill or job experience, they can create online courses to teach others. For instance, sharing how they set up an Etsy store can be educational and profitable.

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  1.  Voiceovers

The entertainment industry often looks for child actors for voice overs in animations and media. It's a stepping stone for those interested in entertainment.

  1.  Programmer

Age is not a barrier to programming success. If your 15-year-old can code apps or websites effectively, there's a market willing to pay.

  1.  Graphic Designer

User-friendly platforms like Canva make custom design easy. Graphic design can be a rewarding job for teens who love computers and enjoy design.

  1.  Online Surveys

Filling out surveys on online platforms is another potential job. Ensure age requirements are met before your child explores this option.

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Creative Jobs For 15-Year-Olds

  1.  Artist

If your 15-year-old loves expressing themselves through drawing, painting, or sculpting, selling their art is a fantastic option. They can approach local venues like coffee shops or garden centers, or showcase their creations online for potential sales.

  1.   Model

Modeling can be an excellent way for your child to boost confidence and explore creative experiences. It's a great side job for 15-year-olds that pay well and also offers insights into the industry through photo shoots and fashion events. Building connections with other aspiring models can create a supportive network.

  1.   Acting

For those who enjoy drama, acting can be a rewarding side job. Watch for local casting calls and consider practicing with your child. Serious pursuits may even involve hiring an agent.

  1.  Singing

Age is not a barrier to pursuing a musical career. If your 15-year-old has musical talent, they can sell their songs on platforms like SoundCloud, post on YouTube and TikTok (with supervision), or explore opportunities with an agent.

  1.  Babysitter

If your 15-year-old is responsible and you're comfortable, babysitting younger siblings for a few hours can be a great job opportunity.

  1.  Plant Sitter

Plant sitting provides a service for plant owners on vacation. It teaches responsibility and plant care, offering a chance for your child to earn money while gaining confidence.

  1.  Pet Sitter

Pet sitting allows your 15-year-old to learn responsibility, care, and compassion for animals. It's a rewarding way to earn extra money while building valuable skills.

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  1.  Dog Walker

Dog walking is a suitable job for 15 12-year-olds that pay well. It's advisable to walk familiar and controllable dogs, such as family pets or those belonging to friends and neighbors.

  1.  Lemonade Stand

A lemonade stand teaches entrepreneurial skills, allowing 15-year-olds to set rates, manage stock, practice quality control, and interact with others.

Seasonal Jobs For 15-Year-Olds

  1.  Gift Wrapping

Your child can earn extra pocket money this holiday season by offering their skills as a gift wrapper. Approach neighbors, family friends, and local businesses to assist with their Christmas presents. Even at 15, your child possesses the talent needed for neat and creative gift wrapping, teaching them responsibility and organizational skills.

  1.  Snow Shoveling

Shoveling snow is a great winter side job for your child. With the right size and strength, a 15-year-old can handle significant snow piles without heavy machinery, ensuring their safety. It's also an opportunity for your child to contribute to the community while learning valuable lessons on responsibility. Shoveling snow is a viable option for your child this winter, especially if gift wrapping isn’t their preference.

  1.  Holiday Decorator

If your 15-year-old enjoys helping with Christmas decorations, being a holiday decorator could be a perfect fit. It allows them to express their creative side while earning extra money. Your child can turn your home into a Christmas wonderland by setting up decorations in their spare time.

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  1.  Spring Cleaning/Organizing

Teaching 15-year-olds how to create a clutter-free environment efficiently is beneficial. Involvement in home organizing allows children to engage with adults, witnessing firsthand how older generations manage challenges and complete tasks.

  1.  Vegetable Patch Tending

Helping neighbors patch their vegetables in the summertime is one of the best jobs for 12-15-year-olds that pay well. It involves daily watering, planting seeds, and harvesting crops.

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We hope these 26 creative jobs for 15-year-olds provide many opportunities to earn money while gaining valuable skills and experiences. From pet sitting to lawn care, tutoring to crafting, a diverse range of options suits every interest and talent. By embracing these jobs, you can embark on a journey of self-discovery, financial literacy, and personal growth, setting a foundation for a bright and enterprising future.

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