Company Name: Ebb Carbon
Job Industry: Chemicals
Job Type: Part time (0 Hours Per Week)
WorkPlace Type: remote
Location: San Carlos, ,
Job Description:

About Ebb

Ebb Carbon is pioneering a new method of atmospheric carbon dioxide removal that uses electrochemistry to enhance the ocean's natural ability to safely store CO2, while reducing ocean acidity. Our approach has the potential to be one of the safest, scalable and affordable ways to remove excess CO2 from our atmosphere.

About the role

We are looking for a part-time Chemical Oceanographer, who will spearhead the development of a Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) methodology for CO2 removal. You'll be responsible for designing and implementing Ebb's strategies and methodologies for: sensor development, seawater chemistry monitoring, and MRV. The ideal candidate will bring superb technical, research, and analytical capabilities with a demonstrated ability to get quality work done quickly.


What You'll Do

  • Work with modeling and monitoring partners to develop a methodology for combining the outputs of modeling and observation with the measured Ebb Carbon system performance metrics to quantify the magnitude of carbon dioxide removal, as well as uncertainty in this value
  • Produce a report that outlines both the progress toward a MRV strategy and a roadmap that highlights all additional work needed to develop a fully functional MRV approach for point-source alkalinity addition carbon dioxide removal efforts
  • Work with partners on field tests and first deployments. Moderate travel may be required.

What You'll Need

  • PhD in Oceanography or similar
  • Deep understanding of seawater chemistry
  • Experience with seawater measurement techniques
  • Entrepreneurial and creative thinking
  • Effective communicator and presenter
  • A sense of humor


  • Familiarity or experience with ocean modeling
  • Familiarity or experience with ocean sensor development
  • Startup experience ideal, startup mentality a must; someone who is scrappy and gets things done


Experience Chemical Oceanographer