15 Top Salary Jobs In California for 2024

Updated on 07/05/2024


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  1. California is the most populous state in the U.S., renowned for its vast economic prospects.
  2. The state's elevated housing expenses necessitate commensurate earnings for a comfortable lifestyle.
  3. High-paying professions include Pickup Truck Owner Operator, Telemedicine Specialist, Pilot, Box Truck Owner Operator, and Cybersecurity Expert.
  4. Each profession is detailed with its responsibilities and potential income brackets, emphasizing their roles and financial rewards.

Do you know California, with nearly 40 million residents, is the most populated state in the United States? Moreover, the United States Census Bureau confirms this, and it's a hub for economic opportunities.

However, California's average housing cost is higher than the national average. Therefore, earning high wages is essential to give your family a good life in this state. In this guide, we’ll discuss California's 15 top salary jobs in California and explore what makes them so lucrative.

15 High Paying Jobs California

Let’s explore these 15 in demand jobs in California and the qualifications needed to achieve them:

  1.  Pickup Truck Owner Operator

Salary range: $123,400-$335,500 per year

A pickup truck owner-operator picks up, transports, and delivers freight. They may work independently or for a trucking service. As an owner-operator, you own your vehicle and must keep it and any additional equipment in good condition, like trailers and straps. Upon delivery, you document your work, provide billing or order paperwork to the recipient, and relay information to the sender or delivery company.

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  1.  Telemedicine

Salary range: $209,200-$314,300 per year

Telemedicine offers the most paid jobs in California. They give medical advice and services to patients via telecommunications. Many healthcare companies use technology to give customers more ways to get a diagnosis or treatment without visiting a doctor's office.

In telemedicine, you speak to a health professional who can provide referrals, more information, or advice on seeking treatment. Telehealth, a part of telemedicine, specifically refers to the technologies and services, while telemedicine covers remote clinical and diagnostic assistance.

  1.  Pilot

Salary range: $98,700-$153,000 per year

Pilots operate aircraft, flying people and cargo worldwide. Their duties vary by industry, including pre-flight checks, coordinating with air traffic control, and adjusting flight paths. Commercial pilots update passengers on flights or transport products on cargo flights. Some may perform specialized tasks like crop dusting in agriculture.

  1.  Box Truck Owner Operator

Salary range: $49,300-$148,000 per year

A box truck owner-operator transports cargo and makes deliveries using a truck they own or lease. Usually 4 to 7 meters long, these trucks have a cargo bay and can hitch additional cargo. Box truck owner-operators contract their equipment and labor for short or long-range shipments.

  1.  Cybersecurity Professional

Salary range: $109,500-$148,000 per year

As a cybersecurity professional, you protect sensitive data and information online and on your employer’s servers. You manage firewalls, encryption, and databases, always avoiding security threats. Moreover, cybersecurity is ongoing; you continually assess risks and implement updates to prevent breaches.

  1.  Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP)

Salary range: $124,400-$133,200 per year

Being a PMHNP is one of the good jobs to have in California. You are tasked with diagnosing mental health conditions and prescribing treatment. You use assessment exams, research treatment strategies, and talk with patients to understand their history and needs. You also perform physical assessments and diagnostic exams, unlike most mental health practitioners. PMHNPs work in clinics, hospitals, and other advanced care facilities.

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  1.  Public Health

Salary range: $59,700-$87,800 per year

Public health offers the top salary jobs in California and involves studying factors that affect people's health and promoting preventive care. Research in this field focuses on keeping residents safe and healthy. The public health sector includes many roles, such as doctors, nurses, researchers, lab technicians, social workers, and administrators.

Moreover, public relations and marketing professionals also work to educate the public about new health research and healthy lifestyle choices. The primary goal of public health employees is to promote information that protects community well-being.

  1.  English Tutor

Salary range: $29,600-$80,900 per year

An English tutor helps students struggling with reading, writing, and grammar. Your duties vary based on the student's grade and skill level. Responsibilities as an English Tutor include assessing strengths and weaknesses, planning sessions to target specific skills, and developing strategies to help people struggling with reading, writing, and grammar improve.

You might also assist with specific coursework, like reviewing essays or increasing reading comprehension skills. Regular assessments gauge student progress. English tutors can work for tutoring agencies or independently.

  1.  Teen Librarian

Salary range: $50,800-$74,000 per year

A teen librarian can be a teenager volunteering or working at a library or a librarian working in the teen or young adult sections. As a teen librarian, you provide reference help, enter new acquisitions into the catalog, and order books. You also develop special youth programs like tutoring services, after school research help, or a reading series.

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  1.  On-Site Property Manager

Salary range: $39,500-$56,300 per year

On-site property managers oversee the daily operations of properties like office buildings, shopping centers, or apartment complexes. They handle tenant complaints, expedite repair requests, and enforce facility rules. They may also manage amenities like gardens, pools, and parking garages.

Moreover, property owners might expect them to advertise and fill vacancies, draw up contracts, and produce regular reports on rental and renewal statuses. In residential locations, on-site property managers often live on the premises and receive reduced or free rent as part of their salary.

  1.  Travel Nanny

Salary range: $37,000-$55,300 per year

A travel nanny is a caregiver who travels with their employers or is hired for family vacations or work trips. They provide childcare services, allowing parents to relax or pursue other activities. Travel nannies plan special events with the kids, provide supervision at hotels, and perform various tasks as needed.

  1.  Loan Signing Agent

Salary range: $33,600-$50,300 per year

Loan signing agents certify and notarize financial and legal documents related to loans. They often work in real estate, certifying transactions such as home loans, reverse mortgages, refinancing, closing contracts, and property transfers. They act as impartial witnesses, ensuring all protocols are followed, and all signatures are present.

  1.  Data Entry

Salary range: $33,600-$44,900 per year

Data entry offers top salary jobs in California. It involves typing information into electronic formats like word processing, spreadsheets, or specific software. These jobs are suitable for detail-oriented people and those who prefer remote work. Tasks include transcribing, updating customer information, entering accounting records, scanning documents, and using OCR technology.

  1.  Photographer

Salary range: $31,600-$44,400 per year

Photographers capture moments using cameras and other equipment. They photograph people, outdoor locations, artwork, animals, and more. They offer advice on locations, settings, and poses before shoots. Photographers use tools like cameras, tripods, lenses, editing software, and backdrops. They may work independently or for companies or agencies.

  1.  Dog Walker

Salary range: $29,600-$40,500 per year

Pet owners hire dog walkers to take their dogs for walks, especially when the owners are too busy, working long hours, or out of town. As a dog walker, you need to handle potential health problems or sudden aggression in the dogs.

Also, communicating with pet owners is crucial to discuss any concerns you observe during walks. This job allows you to interact with various dog breeds and dogs of all ages and personalities.

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These 15 top salary jobs in California across various industries reflect its status as a hub for economic growth and innovation. Despite the higher cost of living, these careers provide substantial earning potential, ensuring a rewarding lifestyle for professionals and their families. Whether in healthcare, transportation, technology, or public service, opportunities are available to those seeking fulfilling and financially lucrative careers.

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