11 Things Employers Look for in a LinkedIn Profile

Updated on 10/12/2022


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In this competitive market, the straightforward way to recognize yourself by recruiters is to build a strong LinkedIn profile and optimize it. It is the best social media website to search for a job and to establish yourself in a professional field.


 More opportunities will be at your door if your profile is well-organized and well-established. Hiring managers and employers use LinkedIn to hire and search for new candidates.


There are thousands of jobs uploaded on a daily bases. If you have a compelling LinkedIn profile, may your profile come into the search engines, and recruiters select you for their position. Furthermore, various tools and features offered by LinkedIn help you improve your professional skills and enhance your abilities.


There is a job board on LinkedIn which allow you to find employment. In this article, you will learn 11 things employers look for in a LinkedIn profile.



Let's dive in.

Eleven tips employers look for in a LinkedIn profile.

1. Get Your Headline Right

2. Create an All-Star LinkedIn profile.

3. A professional headshot.

4. Descriptions of professional accomplishments.

5. Include a  to-the-point summary.

6. Descriptions of your education.

7. Communicate your skills

8. Use important keywords

9. Be Relevant

10. Networking

11. An active LinkedIn profile


 1. Get Your Headline Right


A LinkedIn headline is the top section of the LinkedIn profile. A perfectly built headline helps you to stand out from other profiles. It contains 120 characters to describe your interest and skills. In this section, you describe what you are doing and your goals concisely and transparently.


A good headline is the most visible part of your LinkedIn profile. Employers and recruiters always hire those candidates who appear in the search engine because they don't have enough time to search and read deeply.


So, to stand out in search engines, use the right keywords in your profile and show your worth position. Try to be consistent, honest, relevant, and specific.


2. Create an All-Star LinkedIn profile


You must make at least 50 connections to reach All-Star status on LinkedIn. You should send invitations to make the connection and should be accepting invitations. You can also use your email address book to match up with others by allowing LinkedIn.

 LinkedIn has five status levels, indicating how complete your LinkedIn profile is. These five levels are Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, and All-Star. No one can block you from many opportunities if you have an all-star profile. These opportunities will increase 40 times more.


 3. A professional headshot


Make an excellent professional headshot to give your LinkedIn profile a better professional look and get recruiters noticed. A perfect and professional headshot will increase your connection and help you to reach new contacts and employers.

To make efforts to make a good headshot worth it. So, try to look relaxed and make sure to smile. Your inviting headshot will attract the employee to click on your profile. At the same time, try to dress smartly and appropriately in the picture. Try to wear a complete suit and avoid distracting backgrounds.


4. Descriptions of professional accomplishments


You can include accomplishments to show your proficiency in a specific field and technological achievements from the overview segment on your LinkedIn profile. Adding out your expert history is similar to writing a CV; like a CV, it's only just ever precise enough to add the business inventiveness names and the dates of employment.

While writing this segment, you must consist of statistics about the positions you've held. You can add your educational details to it.

Engaging industry-essential keywords in your profile can also help you stand out even if you don't have an extraordinary deal of reveal. It will ensure that your profile shows up in many more try-to-find values.


5. Include a to-the-point summary


A LinkedIn summary works in the about section of a LinkedIn profile. Many LinkedIn customers regularly underutilize it. The specific summary section of your LinkedIn profile expresses potential managers' things about your skills, enthusiasm, and temperament.

Your summary must have 4 to 6 sentences. Having a simple and comprehended resume is essential. You should avoid nitty-gritty details and extra details. Everything should be to the point. It would help if you summarized your profile in a straightforward and easy-to-read way.


6. Descriptions of your education


 Filling in the facts of your education is an active part of constructing your LinkedIn profile. As a fresh graduate, you may be one of the first parts of your profile that an employer will look at to hire you.

Your resume maximum likely contains your most recent formal schooling level. For many human beings, this could be a high talent certificate or a put up-secondary degree with a primary in a subject applicable to the location you're using.

You should add other educational experience relevant to the position you are applying for. You can add a certification program you have finished or a commendation in a specific skill or area. You should discuss how this extra practice will help you add value to the position and corporation you are applying.



7. Communicate your skills

 Communicating efficiently with directors, contemporaries, and staff is essential. Workforces in the cardinal phase must know how to carry and receive communications in person effectively and via phone, email, and social media.

These communication skills will benefit you in getting employed and be an achievement throughout your career. Always think first about what you want to say and what you will say before you say it. It will help you connect with people and help you avoid speaking disproportionately or unclear your audience.

You should be confident while interacting with others. Confidence is the key factor to your success. While contracting others, try to make eye contact using a friendly tone with a light smile. Always try to sound polite instead arrogant and aggressive.


 8. Use important keywords


Using Keywords is essential to enhance your profile and boost it. Employees and recruiters always search with definite keywords for jobs.

Try using keywords in your headline, summary, job title, description, and skills to stand out from others. Using write keywords will enhance your profile and make it easy to find. So always be careful while selecting your keywords.


9. Be Relevant


Make sure to feature all applicable related in your profile. Taking your jobs registered can grow connections. Your LinkedIn profile must be one hundred% suitable for the positions you want to paint in accumulation to your career.

You should add relevant education and a certificate to get the job you are looking for. Don't add every little thing to your profile. Try to be consistent and relevant. Irrelevancy will decrease the opportunities coming to you.


10.  Networking


LinkedIn is a professional networking platform. A way to shape a network on LinkedIn is by sharing your experiences and ideas in a few different ways. It is best for you if you try to make a connection with your mind-linking people.

You should comment and send a connection request to others to build networking in your related field and raise the networks you have. You can make a connection to comment on posts that seem exciting and relevant to your area.   

You should not be afraid to connect with others. Try to join conversations in a way that challenges views respectfully. It will allow you to establish your expertise and leadership. Linkedin expands your professional networks.

Your expert network assists you in finding an activity and unlocking new possibilities, so it's critical to construct and foster your professional relationships.


11.  An active LinkedIn profile


When on a process hunt on LinkedIn, it's additionally essential to be energetic on the platform. You should Submit expert content you enjoy in addition to interaction with other people's posts. It allows you to stand other from other ability candidates and makes it more likely for the recruiters to be aware of you.

So, every time a process beginning to your role pops up, there's an extraordinary coincidence you'll be the first applicant on the recruiter's detector. It doesn't imply you need to spend all your day on LinkedIn. Just commit 10-20 minutes to it in keeping with the day max, and you're proper to head.


FAQs (Frequently asked questions)


A. What is the average time employers look at LinkedIn profiles?


In addition, a well-prepared and targeted profile is significant because usually, employers devote just 7 seconds to reviewing your linked profile.


B. Why do employers look at LinkedIn profiles?


Your profile on the site is public, allowing recruiters to find applicants with the skills and expertise that fit their job beginnings. 


C. How many people get a job from LinkedIn?


They were linked in spread worldwide. According to a study, 122 million candidates received calls for interviews, and 35.5 million people got hired by recruiters.


D. How many LinkedIn connections is average?


The average connection count is 50; You should make your profile look professional and attractive.




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