13 Positive Signs You Will Get the Job After an Interview

Updated on 02/09/2024


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Key Highlights

  1. Discover 12 positive job approval signs, including body language, casual conversation, salary demand, and more!
  2. Paying attention to the interviewer's words helps you know whether you get the job or not.
  3. Explore 4 major signs indicating that your interview didn’t go well.
  4. Learn how to tackle the situation if you have a bad interview.

If you just had a job interview, you might wonder if you did well and if they'll hire you. It's hard to be sure, but some signs can give you an idea. In this guide, we'll discuss 13 signs you will get the job after the interview. Also, we’ll discuss some negative signs that show you didn't make it in your interview and what to do after a bad interview.

13 Positive Signs You Will Get the Job After an Interview

  1.  Positive Body Language

If the interviewer is smiling, nodding, and maintaining eye contact while you talk. These nonverbal cues are the signs you will receive a job offer. It also indicates they enjoy the conversation and appreciate the information you share.

  1.  Positive Future Language

When an interviewer starts using words like "when" instead of "if," these are positive signs you got the job. For instance, phrases such as "when you start" or "this is who you will be" show they already envision you in the role.

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  1.  Casual Conversations

If the interview transitions from the standard business interview questions to a more casual tone, it's a good sign. This shift indicates they are satisfied with your qualifications and are now interested in getting to know you more personally.

  1.  Team Introductions

A strong performance often leads to the interviewer introducing you to other team members. If they want to integrate you, expect to meet other colleagues and decision-makers during your visit.

  1.  Expressing Interest

If the interviewer explicitly mentions that they appreciate your skills and experience, it's one of the most common signs you will get the job after the interview.

 Prepare interview questions about the company and the role beforehand, especially about the ideal candidate. Asking about this towards the end can help you gauge how well your qualifications match their expectations.

  1.  Verbal Affirmations

Pay attention to the words the interviewer uses. If you hear phrases like "I was interested to learn..." or "I was impressed by...," it clearly indicates that the interviewer has a positive opinion of you. Verbal indicators like these show they are genuinely intrigued by your candidacy.

  1.  Perks Discussion

If the interviewer delves into discussions about compensation, benefits, and all the perks the organization offers, it's a positive signal. Shifting from assessing your qualifications to selling you to the company indicates a high level of interest. When they invest time detailing the benefits and perks, they indicate they are keen on bringing you on board.

  1.  Salary Discussion

If the interviewer asks about your salary expectations, it's a positive signal. If they weren't considering you for the role, they might not delve into this topic. When they inquire about your salary requirements, it's often a strong indication that they are contemplating making you an offer.

  1.  Follow-Up Discussions

It's one of the good signs an interview went well when the hiring manager initiates discussions about the next steps in the hiring process. This could involve further assessments like skills tests or additional interviews with higher-ups. The fact that they're planning the next phases indicates that your interview has been successful.

  1.  Contact Information Exchange

If the interviewer hands you their card with a phone number, it indicates a desire to keep the conversation going. Whether for the current position or future opportunities, they may have additional interview questions or want to make it easy for you to follow up during the ongoing hiring process.

  1.  Seeking Your Impression

When the interviewer asks for your thoughts on the position or the company, it's a clear sign they are trying to sell you on the job. This question helps them understand your reaction, address any concerns, and ensure you positively perceive the role.

  1.  Transition Steps Inquiry

Questions about your availability to start and transition signify strong interest. When they ask about your timeline for joining if hired, it clearly indicates that the company is seriously considering bringing you on board.

  1.  Office Tour Offer

If the interviewer suggests giving you a tour of the building or office, consider it a positive indication. This gesture goes beyond the standard interview routine and signifies that they are actively trying to convince you to join the team. A tour is a strong sign that your interview was successful.

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4 Signs Your Interview Didn’t Go So Well

Now, on the other side, let's discuss the signs that your interview might not have gone as smoothly as expected. If you notice these indicators, it could be time to gear up for future interviews:

  1.  Lack of Engagement

If your interviewer seems mentally elsewhere or distracted during your conversation, it might be a red flag. This could signal a disconnect, whether looking at another screen or appearing disinterested.

  1.  Silence on Next Steps

If your interviewer doesn't discuss what happens next or when they'll decide, it might not be a positive outcome. While they might forget or not know, it could also suggest that you won't progress.

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  1.  Limited Q&A Opportunity

If the interview concludes without giving you a chance to ask questions, it might indicate a decision to continue the search. Positive interviews usually allow for mutual exploration, and a lack of transparency in responses is concerning.

  1.  Early Interview Wrap-Up

An interview ending before its scheduled time could be a negative sign. While there can be exceptions, it might hint at a less favorable outcome, especially when combined with other red flags.

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Having a bad interview? What now?

If it seems like the interview didn't go as planned, don't despair. Here's what you can do:

  • Take a moment to acknowledge the disappointment; it's okay to feel that way.
  • Regardless of how you perceive the interview, send a thank-you letter or email.
  • Reflect on the experience, take notes for improvement, and consider adjustments for future interviews.

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The 13 positive signs you will get the job after an interview range from positive body language and future language usage to discussions about perks and salary, follow-up discussions, contact information exchange, transition steps inquiry, and office tour offers. Also, if your interviewer lacks engagement, is silent on follow-ups, Gives a  limited Q&A opportunities, and wraps up the interview early, it’s a bad sign. Still, after a bad interview, you should still emphasize reflection, gratitude, and preparation for future interviews.


How To Know If You Got The Job?

If your interviewer gives you positive body and verbal language, asks your salary expectations, takes your contact details, questions you about your future aspirations, or gives you an office tour, then know that these are signs you got the job.

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