How Much Does an Esthetician Make in the USA?

Updated on 04/09/2024


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  1. Learn about the role of licensed estheticians, their expertise in skin rejuvenation, and the treatments they administer.
  2. Discover the various specializations within the field of esthetics, including salon estheticians, skincare specialists, wax specialists, etc.
  3. Gain insight into the earning potential of estheticians, with an average salary of $53,544 per year in the United States.
  4. Learn practical strategies to enhance your earning potential as an esthetician.

How much money do estheticians in the USA earn? People often ask this question with the intention of either switching careers or are just interested in knowing how much they could make if they worked in this field.

So, in this article, we'll explore esthetician salaries and how you can thrive in this rewarding profession.

What Does It Mean To Be A Licensed Esthetician?

An Esthetician is a professional licensed by the Department of Health or the Board of Cosmetology, depending on the state.

Estheticians specialize in skin wellness and rejuvenation and are knowledgeable about practices and treatments to help clients achieve beautiful, youthful skin. They administer waxing, chemical peels, facials, and more.

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Different Kinds of Estheticians

Below, you'll find the types of esthetician fields to make your decision easier.

  1.  Salon Esthetician

A salon Esthetician is a broad term for an Esthetician working in a salon or spa licensed by the state. They offer various skin-related treatments, from waxing and sugaring to body wraps and facials.

  1.  Skincare Specialists

Clients consult skincare specialists for professional advice on proper skincare routines and product recommendations tailored to their skin type and lifestyle. Skincare specialists focus on helping clients achieve youthful, healthy-looking skin and educate them on choosing the right skincare products.

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  1.  Wax Specialist

As the name suggests, a certified waxing esthetician works in a salon and provides waxing treatments. They advise clients and are skilled in waxing techniques, such as hard or soft wax application.

  1.  Makeup Artist

Unlike Estheticians, makeup artists don't administer treatments or focus on skin health. Instead, they use their skills to enhance clients' facial features and conceal imperfections, aiming to make them look as beautiful as possible.

  1.  Spa Therapist

Spa therapists work in spas, offering services such as massages, body scrubs, baths, and body wraps. They aim to provide a rejuvenating experience for the body and mind. The treatments often include aromatherapy, mud baths, and hot stone massages.

  1.  Medical Esthetician

Medical esthetics is a specialized field focusing on clinical procedures. Medical estheticians work under the supervision of a doctor in settings like hospitals, medical offices, or medical spas. They specialize in skincare and assist patients with skin issues resulting from injuries, such as post-chemo skin treatment or burns.

How Much Does an Esthetician Earn?


According to Glassdoor, the estimated total pay for an Esthetician in the United States area is $66,565 annually, with an average salary of $53,544 annually.

Below, we've assembled a convenient table showing the total, base, and additional pay range for an Esthetician in the US.

Total Pay Range

USD 51K - USD 87K/yr

Base Pay

USD 41K - USD 69K/yr

Additional Pay

USD 10K - USD 18K/yr


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How to Increase Your Earnings as an Esthetician?

Once you become an Esthetician, How can you boost your earnings?

Below are three strategies to enhance your earning potential as an Esthetician.

  1.  Sell Products

Boost your income by selling skincare products. If you work at a salon or spa, you likely earn a commission on product sales. Since skincare products are consumable, satisfied clients will return repeatedly if the product proves effective.

  1.  Specialize

Increasing your expertise in a specific area is guaranteed to raise your income. After selecting your niche, pursuing further education and obtaining certifications will demonstrate to your clients your proficiency in addressing their specific concerns.

Clients seek specialized estheticians as you would prefer a cardiologist for heart issues over a general practitioner. You can charge higher fees once recognized as an expert; clients often seek you out directly.

  1.  Attend Trade Shows

Participating in trade shows helps you stay informed about new treatments that could benefit your clients. Additionally, trade shows provide excellent networking opportunities.


Being a licensed esthetician means you're trained to make people's skin look and feel great. There are different types of estheticians, like those working in salons, spas, and even medical settings. Estheticians can earn a good salary, especially if they sell skincare products or specialize in certain treatments

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