Do Volunteer Firefighters Get Paid? Everything You Need To Know

Updated on 11/30/2023


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Have you ever wondered if those brave individuals who rush into burning buildings and respond to emergencies in your community are compensated for their heroic efforts? It has long been a matter of misperception and speculation whether volunteer firefighters receive payment. In today’s blog post, we’ll unravel this common misconception: Do Volunteer Firefighters Get Paid? Let's delve into the facts behind this intriguing subject and separate truth from fiction.

Do Volunteer Firefighters Get Paid?

Do volunteer firefighters get paid for their hard work? It's a common question, considering the long hours they put in.

The answer is no. The reason behind this is the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which makes it illegal to provide volunteer firefighters a salary or hourly wage. The FLSA states that if someone is paid by the hour, they must receive at least minimum wage and an overtime rate if they work beyond a certain number of hours. According to the FLSA, hourly-paid individuals are seen as employees rather than volunteers.

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How Much Do Volunteer Firefighters Get Paid Per Call?

Volunteer firefighters may receive a monthly or yearly stipend or a per-call rate. This per-call amount can be as low as $2, usually intended to cover gas expenses rather than payment for their service. The compensation for volunteer firefighters largely depends on where they serve and the tasks involved.

How Do Volunteer Firefighters Get Paid?

Even though they don't get a regular salary, volunteer firefighters might still receive reimbursement, stipends, or incentives in certain cases. These rewards include:

Stipends and Small Fees

Some volunteer firefighters are given stipends or nominal fees to cover expenses like travel, uniforms, and training. These payments differ based on the department and its fundraising initiatives. Importantly, they aren't considered a salary or regular income, and the Fair Labor Standards Act may exempt volunteer firefighters from minimum wage protections.

Yearly Bonuses and Stipends

Certain departments express gratitude for their volunteer firefighters by offering annual bonuses or stipends. These aren't typical salaries but serve as a monetary acknowledgment for the time and dedication volunteers invest. Funding for these bonuses may come from local tax revenue and fundraising activities.

Pensions and Tax Rebates

In specific areas, volunteer firefighters qualify for pensions or tax rebates as long-term compensation for their service. Pensions might be accessible upon reaching a certain age or completing a set number of volunteer hours. Tax rebates act as incentives for volunteering and help offset any incurred costs.

While compensation for volunteer firefighters varies widely, it's crucial to recognize that their primary motivation is to serve their community and ensure public safety.

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What Does a Volunteer Firefighter Do?

Volunteer firefighters dedicate their time to serving in the fire service. Despite being fully trained, their roles may be more specialized than full-time professional firefighters, depending on whether they work in an all-volunteer department or a combination department with volunteers and career firefighters.

Volunteers may be involved in:

  • Fighting Fires: Responding to and managing fire emergencies, handling tasks similar to those of professional firefighters in all-volunteer departments.
  • EMS (Emergency Medical Services): Given the prominence of medical emergencies, volunteer firefighters often need basic first aid and CPR qualifications to provide essential life support.
  • Traffic Incident Management: Responding to road scenes involving major accidents, fires, or significant wrecks, which may include freeing trapped victims, treating injuries, or managing traffic.
  • Search and Rescue: In some fire departments, volunteers join search parties to locate missing individuals in outdoor settings, covering more ground efficiently.
  • Vehicle Repair and Maintenance: Volunteers with the necessary skills may contribute to keeping firefighting vehicles operational and ready for action.
  • Office Work: Completing essential paperwork, including reports, is a significant part of a volunteer firefighter's responsibilities.
  • Raising Money: Fundraising is vital for fire departments, and volunteers often take the lead in organizing events like fairs and raffles. Experienced volunteers may also participate in grant-writing efforts.

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How to Become a Volunteer Firefighter?

Application and Screening Process

If you want to become a volunteer firefighter, the first step involves completing an application and undergoing a thorough screening process. This process includes background checks, interviews, and medical evaluations.

Fire departments often prioritize individuals with a clean driving record. Qualified applicants receive notifications once a vacancy opens up in a local firehouse.

Training Programs and Fire Academy

Upon selection, volunteer firefighters embark on comprehensive training programs that commence with fundamental firefighting skills. These skills cover various aspects, including handling water hoses, connecting hydrants, and understanding building construction. Additionally, volunteers may need to complete certification courses such as Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or Hazardous Materials Awareness.

Some volunteers may attend a fire academy to acquire advanced skills and engage in professional development opportunities. Training schedules are designed to be flexible, with many departments offering evening or weekend classes to accommodate other commitments.

Balancing Volunteering with Other Commitments

Volunteer firefighters grapple with the challenge of juggling their regular jobs, family life, and firefighting responsibilities. To facilitate this balancing act, fire departments proactively schedule volunteer hours and provide specialized training in maintenance, safety procedures, and fire prevention.

Volunteers may receive modest stipends in certain states as compensation for their efforts. Nevertheless, the primary gratification for volunteer firefighters stems from serving their community and gaining invaluable knowledge and experience applicable to their future career goals. While dedicating time to firefighting duties, it remains crucial for volunteers to prioritize family and other commitments, maintaining a steadfast commitment to their firehouse.

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Do Volunteer Firefighter Men Get Pensions?

After gaining insight on whether volunteer fighters get paid, you might equally be wondering whether they get a pension or not. Yes! While volunteer firefighters may not receive a traditional salary, they are entitled to pensions for their dedicated service.

Volunteer fire service personnel receive annual bonuses, modest stipends, and allowances as part of their compensation package. The pension system for male volunteer firefighters includes the following features:

  • Retirement Opportunities: Volunteer firefighters who retire from their service can access pensions.
  • Variability in Pension Numbers: The number of pensions granted varies across different job sectors and the specific department the individual serves.
  • Additional Pensions from Specific Fire Departments: Some fire departments go the extra mile by providing supplementary pensions for their selected volunteer firefighters.
  • Benefits Level Impact on Pensions: The pension amount is also influenced by the level of benefits chosen by the volunteer firefighters within their respective departments.


After reading this guide on “Do volunteer firefighters get paid’, you’re now aware volunteer firefighters don't receive a traditional salary. The dedication, selflessness, and expertise they bring to the table underscore the importance of recognizing and appreciating their efforts. We can foster a better understanding of volunteer firefighting by dispelling misconceptions and shedding light on the true nature of it. This awareness also promotes gratitude for those who volunteer their time and skills.

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