13 Best High Paying Engineering Careers

Updated on 10/11/2022


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The engineering field covers various jobs and opportunities to grow faster in the professional area. Engineering is a wide-ranging, miscellaneous, far-ranging career subject. Engineering is a field of creativity. It covers a wide range of high-paying opportunities.

As an engineer, you can earn significantly more money than in any other profession. It requires education and technical skills as our world is progressing in technological fields surprisingly daily. There are many categories in the engineering field you can dive into according to your interest and desires.

The Bureau of Employment Statistics evaluates that engineers make a median yearly wage double that of the country-wide median in the United States. This article covers all the highest-paid engineering jobs in the USA to help you choose the right career path.

 Let's dive in!

 Here are some highest-paying engineering jobs in the USA for you.

1. Engineering Manager

2. Software Engineer

3. Electrical Engineer

4. Chemical Engineer

5. Mechanical Engineer

6.   Nuclear Engineer

7.   Aeronautical Engineer

8. Biomedical Engineer

9.   Environmental Engineer

10. Systems Engineer

11. Civil Engineering

12. Materials Engineer

13. Big Data Engineer

 1.   Engineering Manager

Average salary per year:  $28,658 to $141,705

Required Education: Bachelor's in Engineering and Management


Engineering managers include the duties of supervising, leading, and hiring a new staff member. He keeps an eye on the work and the worker to run the organization smoothly. As an engineering manager, you are responsible for the Efficient and effective implementation of different strategies for the improvement of the company.

For this high-paying job, you should have a minimum of 5 years of experience in the Engineering field.



2.   Software Engineer


Average salary per year:  $87,900 to $94,520

Required Education: Bachelor's 


A software engineer is responsible for the maintenance and design of software applications. It is the branch of computer science that deals with the development of software applications. They develop programs on a computer according to users' needs and interests.


To become a software engineer, you should have a command of technical skills and programming. Software engineer uses systematic and principal methods to develop applications and functioning data for computers.


 3.   Electrical Engineer


Average salary per year:  $78,762 to $103,028

Required Education: Bachelor's


Electrical engineering deals with the electronic framework and designing new electric things, like radar, batteries, capacitors, coils, magnets, transistors, switches, etc. Electrical engineers knob the study, design, mechanism, and handover of innovative electrical equipment.

They enhance the telecommunication system as well. You have just a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and appropriate internship experience for this job. A "Professional Engineering" (PE) license is compulsory to work in advanced-level positions.



4.   Chemical Engineer


Average salary per year:  $81.068

Required Education: Bachelor's


A chemical engineer deals with various foodstuffs and assures that nutrition management techniques encounter strategies established by the federal régime. They work to improve the quality of food production and ensure the quantity and quality of fertilizers.

Chemical engineering is a very beneficial career pathway for engineers who like working on a crew to crack considerable difficulties through a piece of knowledge and background in biology and chemistry. You should have a professional engineering license and some internship experience for this job.


  5.   Mechanical Engineer


Average salary per year:  $42,400 to $135,000

Required Education: Bachelor's


In the engineering industry, mechanical engineering is one of the wide-ranging fields. A mechanical engineer works on moving devices like escalators, elevators, transporter systems, and robotic transfer stations.

A mechanical engineer devotes time to investigating mechanical and updraft devices, troubleshooting glitches, defining resolutions, and completing maintenance. Mechanical engineers explore, design, evolve, build, challenge, and examine mechanical devices.

In a mechanical engineering job, industrial designing and manufacturing skills are required. It would be best if you are an Expert in designing HVAC systems.


6.   Nuclear Engineer


Average salary per year:  $23,475 to $626,290

Required Education: Bachelor's


A nuclear engineer deals with the procedures to produce nuclear energy. It also includes the designing of tools to utilize nuclear energy. This energy gives power to ships and power plants. They conduct a supplementary investigation to confirm the safety of containers inside their part of the operation and the waste arrangement.


In 2020, median pay was $116,140; nuclear engineers are in the top five highest salaried engineering jobs. For this job, you should have a bachelor's degree, and you may need a Ph.D. degree as well as some internship experience in a relevant field. A Professional Engineering license (PE) is also compulsory.


 7.   Aeronautical Engineer

 Average salary per year:  $83.273 to $121,250

Required Education:  Bachelor's


An aeronautical engineer covers the physical pieces of machinery of aircraft, spaceships, cables, protectorates, and satellites. They deal with designing systems to improve the security of the aircraft.

They manage the investigation to grow fuel efficiency and expand its eco-friendly effect. They certify the objects, ensuring they work within the allocated procedures' directions. For this job, you should have internship experience and have PE (professional engineering) license to get a high position.

 8.   Biomedical Engineer

 Average salary per year:  $69073 to $98.340

Required Education:  Bachelor's in a related field


A biomedical engineer occupies time exploring and mounting resources to assist patients with non-natural organs. They record material on behavior decorations to discover responses from social behavior, which can be through consulting. This subject is designed to enhance the medical field.


Biomedical engineers emphasize developments in technology or medicine to design new devices and apparatus for enlightening human health. It is the highest subject in academic institutions and a high-paid job in the USA.


You should have a bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering and relevant internship experience for this job. A "Professional Engineering" (PE) license is compulsory to work in advanced-level positions.


 9.    Environmental Engineer


Average salary per year:  $87,640.2 to $118,960

Required Education: Bachelor's


Environmental engineers practice manufacturing skills, earth discipline, biology, and chemistry to design solutions to environmental problems by Working regularly in the building industry. Those who don't want to do a desk job make this an excessive career track.


Environmental engineers develop various methods to enhance or improve recycling, water conservation, air pollution, and community health. To make a career in this area, you should have a bachelor's degree in soil science, chemistry, and biology.


10. Systems Engineer


Average salary per year:  $97,640 to $121,703

Required Education:  Bachelor's


Systems Engineers are answerable for evaluating systems, defining problems, delivering resolutions to the issues that occur, designing systems, advancing systems, sustaining systems, and thinking about possible enhancements that can be made to the structure in the coming future.

System engineers are responsible for understanding how different parts of any system can work together. It controls the installed systems. You should have a command of communication skills and the information industry for this field. Organizational skills, decision-making abilities, and leadership qualities as well.



11. Civil Engineering


Average salary per year:  $65,000-$89,500

Required Education:  Bachelor's


Civil engineers are responsible for developing public works such as highways, bridges, seaways, dams, airports, sewerage systems, cylinders, structural components of buildings, and railways.

Civil engineering is a specialized engineering discipline, including designing, structuring, and preserving the physical and naturally made atmosphere. This profession considers a High Earning Potential and gives networking opportunities.


Civil engineering is a field of training that offers chances for rapid evaluations in a career. Civil engineering is a comparatively tough job. It requires a command of work-related skills to succeed in this profession rapidly. Furthermore, applied experience is appreciated highly in this field, 


12. Materials Engineer


Average salary per year:  $92,000-$98,500

Required Education: Bachelor's


Material engineering is a field related to the production of metals and plastics. It makes more valuable things with the use of existing parts. They create various types of medical equipment and aircraft, baseball, etc.


Materials engineers create, method, and examine resources used to generate a variety of goods. For this purpose, they use computer chips and aircraft extensions to golf bludgeons and biomedical devices. This profession is highly respected among others and is the best way to grow your career.


 13. Big Data Engineer


Average salary per year:  $68,931 and $155,000

Required Education: Bachelor's


Big data engineering is related to information technology and is responsible for collecting, stocking, developing, and studying large quantities of data. It includes implementing and continue supervising the data. They create hardware and evaluate the utilization of data.

Big data engineering is difficult as well as quite critical. It is quite a complex job because it requires new technical skills and command to conduct numerical and statistical analyses of enormous data. Moreover, it gives you significant business opportunities.


FAQs (Frequently asked questions)


A. What is the highest-paying engineering job? 

The highest-paying engineering job includes civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, software engineers, chemical engineers, computer engineers, and Biomedical engineers.


B. What is the starting salary of a software engineer?

The starting salary of a software engineer is $87,900 to $94,520 per year.


C. How can I get an engineering job without any experience?


To get an engineering job without any experience, you should have to discuss job placement options, consider online job boards, complete an internship, build networking and look for volunteer chances.

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